MoinMoin is both a wiki engine and a wiki markup format.

Markup format

Zwiki supports MoinMoin markup as one of its page editing formats. Not every aspect of that format works really (in theory things should be documented in MoinMoinMarkup), but when you're used to MoinMoin markup, this might just be the thing for you.

Wiki engine

See WikiWikiWeb:MoinMoin - of course they have their own wiki, which we can link to:


Some old discussions:

I've started to use MoinMoin in our company last year, because I wasn't aware of ZWiki at this time. Has anybody already tried to move some hundred pages from a former MoinMoin Wiki into ZWiki? -- Peter Funk

Hi, Peter. I've moved only a few dozen. Because StructuredTextSucks (IMO), I'm writing a MoinMoinMarkup scheme to ease my "transition." I would love to get feedback about it, and eventually see it go into the main ZWiki tree. -- Chad Miller

Zwiki supports MoinMoin markup as a format - no need to do anything to move the pages? - Mike