A ZwikiModification:

MoinMoin:HelpOnFormatting describes the basics of MoinMoin markup.

MoinMoin Markup Examples is written to show of MoinMoin markup that works well in zwiki. It is missing some linking types and tables but is a convenient reference for all other zwiki enabled MoinMoin markup that I know of.

The attached, [MoinMoinML.py]? is what I'm using on my zwiki node. It appears to work pretty well, but it probably needs to be changed to match the new WWML (file- and class-)names, if those have changed.

I didn't include my ZWikiPage.py changes as they're trivial and obvious, except that I decided to use "moinml" as the markup name.

This adds [ http://foo/bar Bar Description ] into <a href="http://foo/bar">Bar Description</a> and

= Header Name =


<H1>Header Name</H1>


There are a few more MoinMoin-specific markup idioms to implement, which I'll do as I need them.

source: MoinMoinML?.py

ChadMiller <code@chad.org>

ChadMiller, 2003/01/12 20:49 GMT (via web):
A TODO list for Moin Moin compliance:

Questionable ideas:

See also #652 request for MoinMoin table markup


Changes to ZWikiPage.py -- Mon, 15 Mar 2004 22:43:51 -0800 reply
Trivial changes? This file is over 3000 lines long! I would appreciate to know where you made your trivial changes :)

updating --simon, Mon, 27 Sep 2004 21:21:20 -0700 reply
Updating this for current Zwiki. See #932, MoinTests.

... --roug, Mon, 28 Jan 2008 08:30:23 -0800 reply
Tables are actually implemented, but it is not referenced on this page. See MoinHelpOnTables Syntax is: {{{ ||cell 1||cell 2||cell 3|| }}} To get: ||cell 1||cell 2||cell 3||