[Mozilla]? makes good use of the Navigation toolbar.

Pipermail incorporates these links for previous/next message. Example view

I've (DeanG) left numerous links here and there regarding this, and this page will be updated with the appropriate info.


modify wikipage_macros -- Thu, 26 Feb 2004 09:20:40 -0800 reply

  <link rel="home" href="/hssg" title="Home"/>
  <link rel="contents" href="/hssg/FrontPage/contents" title="Contents"/>
  <link rel="search" href="/hssg/FrontPage/searchwiki" title="Search"/>
  <link rel="help" href="/hssg/HelpPage" title="Help"/>

  <span tal:condition="here/parents" tal:omit-tag="">  
    <link rel="up" tal:attributes="href python:test(here.parents[0], here.parents[0], '/hssg')" title="Parent Document"/>

  <span tal:condition="exists:here/prev" tal:omit-tag="">  
    <link rel="prev" tal:attributes="href python:here.prev" title="Preceding Document"/>

  <span tal:condition="exists:here/next" tal:omit-tag="">  
    <link rel="next" tal:attributes="href python:here.next" title="Following Document"/>

Firefox Link Toolbar --DeanG, Tue, 03 May 2005 07:19:21 -0700 reply
Firefox has a status bar which will implement this also.