Old discussion of Zwiki and Zwiki and Plone (2002-2005). From 2006, let's use GeneralDiscussion instead.

PieterB, 2002/12/24 15:06 GMT (via web):
There is currently only one open issue with the CMF, see CMFIssue:92 (CMFwiki? is mangling chars), but as far as I can see, this has been fixed within Zwiki.

Simon, did you ask the CMF community to apply the patches so that Zwiki works with CMF 1.4 out of the box?

PieterB, 2002/12/24 17:11 GMT (via web):
It seems: LauraTrippi did quite some things with Zwiki and Plone. See: http://plone.org/Members/latrippi/ProtoToolszWiki/AtlaurazWiki/ Why aren't some of here changes not added to Plone?

DeanGoodmanson, 2002/12/24 17:33 GMT (via web):
License conflicts?

2002/12/24 19:09 GMT (via web):
Time Conflicts?

PieterB, 2002/12/24 19:09 GMT (via web):
Current problems:

PieterB, 2002/12/24 20:39 GMT (via mail):

Hi plone-developers and Laura,

I will spend some of my christmas time on trying to improve Zwiki support for Plone. Today I started using CVS-versions of Zope 2.6, Plone and Zwiki, I did some gardening at the Zwiki&Plone docs at http://zwiki.org/ZwikiAndPlone and subscribed myself to this mailinglist.

I created a new (valid XHTML skin) for Zwiki (see plone issue 783 or http://www.zwiki.org/[IssueNo0419 create]?) and will try to fix HTML-errors within Zwiki in the coming weeks/months.

Some questions: - What's the current status of Zwiki support in CMF/Plone. Simon says it's stable, but I think there are a lot of knownissues. Please add them at the http://zwiki.org/ZwikiAndPloneCMFDiscussion20042005 page

Things I would like to accomplish (in 2003 ;):

Any help/feedback/tips/etc would be appreciated,

Please visit http://zwiki.org/ZwikiAndPloneCMFDiscussion20042005 or http://zwiki.org/GeneralDiscussion

Happy X-mas,

PieterB cc: Zwiki community

PieterB, 2002/12/24 21:55 GMT (via web):

Laura's wiki is a CMFWiki within Plone. See: http://plone.org/Members/latrippi/CMFWiki/ProtoToolszWiki

I also added some Zwiki info in the PloneProjectHUB:OneDotOne (Plone 1.1 roadmap).

PieterB, 2002/12/25 08:31 GMT (via mail):
Re: ZwikiAndPloneCMFDiscussion20042005? (fwd)

Hi, PieterB,
Funny, I was just reading your comments over at zwiki.org last night.

> She has created tabs for Comment (add comments), History (diff), > Backlinks, Advanced (ownership, rename, delete, reparent), Help

I wish! =}

That's someone else. I've just done some simple styling on the old zwiki (ZWiki-0-9-9) and made a lot of comments about the CMFzwiki? in plone.

> - AtLaurazWiki? > (http://tonka.research.techbc.ca/laura/protoTypes/laurazWiki) > seems to be down.

Oops, no just moved:


I'm in the process of consolidating my various sites and upgrading to the latest zwiki. Not sure if I'll use plone for this or not. I have a tendency to get in over my head and need to simplify.

Thanks for asking, though! I'll try to carry some of my comments over to the ZwikiAndPloneCMFDiscussion20042005?, in case they'd be of interest.



----- End of forwarded message from laura trippi -----

PieterB, 2002/12/25 08:44 GMT (via mail):
Re: ZwikiAndPloneCMFDiscussion20042005?

Laura wrote:

> Thanks for asking, though! I'll try to carry some of my comments over to
> the ZwikiAndPloneCMFDiscussion20042005?, in case they'd be of interest.

Please do... And please join the Zwiki-community by subscribing to the GeneralDiscussion and/or ZwikiAndPloneCMFDiscussion20042005? page on http://zwiki.org/. You can specify your name in the UserOptions? page.

You even have your own homepage there: http://zwiki.org/LauraTrippi ;)

I've forwarded your message to the ZwikiAndPloneCMFDiscussion20042005? page



SimonMichael, 2003/01/21 16:30 GMT (via web):
Good, let's not get involved with CMFWiki issues. I'm not aware of those patches.. do you mean a way to avoid the manual cmf_install_zwiki step ?

PieterB, 2003/01/24 13:46 GMT (via web):
Yep, I would love if you could install Zwiki in Plone/CMF without using an external method. I think that would be much more userfriendly.


While I agree with being user friendly, the rest of the CMF world is habituated to using external methods, knows about them, expects, them etc. Sure it would be nice, but I hardly see it as valuable.

ObNote?: Given several CMF sites installed on a given Zope installation (quite common) auto-installation of CMF products is problemic at best.

I (J C Lawrnce) just posted instructions on making ZWiki more happy under Plone to the plone-users list. Short story: an extra action on ZWiki folder, some extra actions on portal_actions, a side-box, and a minor edit to the navigation side box code.

CapnKirk, 2003/01/24 21:51 GMT (via web):

I just downloaded the latest ZWiki 0.14.0 and installed it into Plone 1.0RC1, which is on top of Zope 2.5.1 (I'm running Debian "sarge").

After looking at all the Plone pages on ZWiki.org
following the install instructions carefully, and experimenting thoroughly, I find the following:

I can "view" a zwiki page

Clicking the "comment" tab, I get: a "no wikipage_comment_form" error
Clicking the "edit" tab, I get: a "no wikipage_comment_form" error
Clicking the "history" tab, I get: a "no wikipage_history" error
Clicking the "backlinks" tab, I get: a "no wikipage_backlinks" error
Clicking the "advanced" tab, I get: a "no wikipage_advanced_form" error

Seems like some files are missing. Am I right in thinking that no Plone forms exit for ZWiki?



Editor links in RecentChanges? --JCLawrence, 2003/02/07 20:38 GMT
The default RecentChanges? page for ZWiki created links in the "by" (editor) column to a WikiPage? of the same name as the editor. This works well, and is likely what is intended under raw ZWiki. However under CMF odds are you'll want it to link back to the CMF user's $HOME.

To do this:

Edit RecentChanges? and find the two lines which reference '&dtml.url_quote-last_editor':

    <a href="&dtml.url_quote-last_editor;">&dtml-last_editor;</a>

and a little later:

    <a href="&dtml-wiki_url;/&dtml.url_quote-last_editor;"><dtml-var last_editor></a>

and replace them respectively with:

    <a href="/Members/&dtml.url_quote-last_editor;">&dtml-last_editor;</a>

and with:

    <a href="/Members/&dtml.url_quote-last_editor;"><dtml-var last_editor></a>


2003/04/03 04:43 GMT
Has anyone migrated a plain Zwiki to a Plone Zwiki. I have a big fat plain Zwiki that I would like to move into Plone. I tried copying the folder through the ZMI, but it didn't show up in Plone. Creating an empty Plone ZWiki and pasting the files also failed terribly. Any help would be great.

buck78, 2003/04/03 04:45 GMT
Opps didn't set my options prior to posting the above comment.

moving a wiki into plone --SimonMichael, 2003/04/03 04:58 GMT
Hi.. this should work: register the zwiki types with your plone site (see Zwiki and Plone); then create a plone Wiki Folder; then using ZMI, select all the pages in your old wiki folder, cut and paste them into the Wiki Folder. If not, let me know what happens.

buck78, 2003/04/03 19:09 GMT
Thanks for the reply...that worked. I just had to de-select the users-acl and catalog files. I think those were screwing things up. Now one minor question. I can;t seem to changed the state of any Wikis that I add to Plone. This is a small problem, because they don;t show up in the Nav Tree.

changing state ? --SimonMichael, 2003/04/03 20:57 GMT
You mean the workflow state ? Wikis don't participate in workflow at present. So they are always (private/visible/published, I'm not sure which).

buck78, 2003/04/03 23:15 GMT
Ok..then how do I get it to come up in the Left Hand Nav tree. On the Plone.org site there is a HowTwo? Wiki (CMFWiki through) that appears in this tree. That's what I am really trying to accomplish. thanks Buck

MarkB?, 2003/04/04 00:47 GMT
Hi, anyone able to help with a plone / zwiki q?. I'm using latest plone and zwiki, and logged in as manager with all priveleges. There isnt a rename page option any more?. I want to be able to rename pages. I know I can do it from the contents view but this wont update all the links to that page as well. Also, is the Regulating pages screen not available in Plone or do I have to enable it somehow? tia

Mark Bronstein, 2003/04/04 13:15 GMT
Meant to mention that the Plone Site's wikis have an Advanced Edit tab at the top, as does LaurazWiki. that's really what I'm after...

zwiki in plone left nav tree --SimonMichael, 2003/04/04 17:33 GMT
buck78 - I don't know right now, sorry. Maybe come and ask on #plone.

rename, regulations in plone ? --SimonMichael, 2003/04/04 17:40 GMT
Hi Mark - page management form details are here but I think the problem is the simple zwiki_cmf skin used in plone doesn't have that form. For now you could customize portal_skins/zwiki_cmf/wikipage_footer and copy the form from ZWiki/skins/default/wikipage.zpt.

Same problem with regulations - the regulations form in ZWiki/skins/default/editform.dtml has not been ported to skins/zwiki_cmf/editform.pt. That one is a bigger task. Were you successfully using regulations outside of plone by the way ? I haven't heard of anyone using it.

Mark Bronstein, 2003/04/04 20:17 GMT
Simon, I have not used regulations but I thought it might be useful. Thanks for the tips on getting the advanced edit tab in plone. I'll give it a try. I really appreciate your work and responsiveness.

Getting ZWiki folders visible in the nav bar under Plone --2003/04/05 18:31 GMT
To get ZWiki folders visible in the nav tree you need to change the navtree code to show unpublished folders. See my (JCLawrence) recipe on ZopeLabs? for a HOWTO.

zwiki_plone's use of DOCTYPE breaks under CMF 1.3.1 --TresEquis?, 2003/05/06 16:44 GMT
I just installed ZWiki-0.18.0, created a new CMFSite? for testing it, and ran the install script. Everything is fine, except that the DOCTYPE declaration prevents my browser from loading the stylesheet (at least, commenting it out made the page load correctly).

zwiki_plone's use of DOCTYPE breaks under CMF 1.3.1 --SimonMichael, 2003/05/07 00:08 GMT
Thanks Tres.. I opened [IssueNo0511? zwiki_plone's use of DOCTYPE breaks CMF 1.3.1 stylesheet ?]. (That's odd, why don't I see this at http://zwiki.org/cmf ?)

... --Cliff Quinn, 2003/05/16 19:58 GMT
Thanks JC - I ran into this prob and your solution works perfectly.

Getting ZWiki folders visible in the nav bar under Plone --SimonMichael, 2003/05/17 23:52 GMT
Another option: don't use Wiki Folders, they don't do anything special. You can remove them from portal_types in fact.

"Render ...as" setting gets lost --2003/05/20 01:22 GMT
In ZWiki 0.18 in Plone when I edit a wiki page and set "render...as", when I re-edit the page, the "render...as" menu gets reset to the default setting. This means that I have to reselect the desired setting every time I edit the page. This doesn't happen on ZWiki pages in a wiki created outside of Plone. Is this a known bug? I couldn't find it in the issue tracker.

What about an install script that sets the default permissions in Plone --2003/05/22 15:15 GMT
It will help a lot for ZWiki/plone inegration if the permissions setting task was already taken in charge by the install script. If not, the admin needs to go on the Security tab and manually add all the required permissions to the Member and Owner roles for exemple, which is error prone. You can see what the Ingeniweb developers do for all their plone products. In IngeniwebPloneChatInstall? you can take the reset permissions code there to add to the Zwiki install script.

Missing Advanced atb --2003/05/23 15:17 GMT
My Zwiki does not show an advanced tab, does anyone know why this may not be working? I am using ZWiki with Plone.

Catalog reindexing problems within Plone --2003/06/10 21:25 GMT
I am helping debug a system that runs zwiki 0.19.0 within plone RC2 and have run into a couple of problems and was wondering if any of you might recognize these symptoms.

  1. when a wiki page is edited, the catalog does not register the proper modification date(it remains the date of creation).
  2. when a new page is created(through studly caps), the page belongs to the creator of the studly caps rather than the user that goes and creates the page. ex ThisPage? would belong to me after you follow the ? to create it.

Hope someone recognizes these problems and has or needs info on them.

... --2003/06/10 21:35 GMT
posted by whit[at]?youdown.com


Publishing with plone 1.0.3 -- 2003/06/24 20:09 GMT reply
Are there any other known issues, with Plone 1.0.3? I am able to add a Zwiki folder or page under a plone site, but for some reason can not change the state to visible. When I try to select the folder or page, and do a Change State operation, I get taken to the Publishing Process page, I select the content, enter a starting date, and do a save, and get taken back to the Folder Contents tab with a You must select a publishing action. error. I seem to get this whether I use a user from inside plone itself (with additional plone permissions), or inherited from outside.

Publishing with plone 1.0.3 --Simon Michael, 2003/06/25 10:13 GMT reply
Wiki pages don't use the CMF workflow. I've created #539 zwiki pages don't support CMF workflow out of the box for this and added it to KnownIssues.

Default name -- 2003/06/25 15:10 GMT reply
Ok, I have no issue with the idea that they are always visible. A comment: when I add a ZWiki folder in Plone, Plone gives it a name/id which contains the date, something similar in format to Wiki_Folder.2003-06-24.4627. I don't know why I though that was as a result of the fact that it was unpublished, and publishing it would change the id to the same as the title. A Wiki Folder with a name like the above is effectively useless to me, since it has a random name. Now I can just go and rename it, but I am confused as to why in Plone and the ZMI when I add a normal folder, I am given the chance to give it an id, while adding a ZWiki folder gives it a default id which has about 100% chance of having to be renamed.

copying many wikipages to new folder fails --FlorianKonnertz, 2003/07/24 08:50 GMT reply
I cannot cut&paste my wikipages from the old folder to the plone wiki folder, i guess it's because they're too many (1250) - the paste button isn't shown in the dest. plone wiki folder. - (I didn't deselect the acl and catalog, but i guess this cannot be the problem.) - Any ideas to that? - I could try it with WebDAV, but that's currently not working for other reasons, or - another way - write a script that copies the pages in several transactions. - FloK

copying many wikipages to new folder fails --SimonMichael, 2003/07/24 14:59 GMT reply
Weird. I'd suggest it's a different virtual host, but have you found copying fewer pages works ?

copying many wikipages to new folder fails --FlorianKonnertz, 2003/07/25 08:39 GMT reply
Yes , fewer pages work at least as i tried when i had the problem some months before. (Maybe ca.300 are ok, maybe more) - I made a script to copy pages one by one (takes some time...), my plan at the moment is to copy all SubWiki-s manually.

Anyone experience with SubWiki-s in Plone? -- 2003/07/26 12:44 GMT reply
Anyone experience with SubWiki-s in Plone? Do i need Plone WikiFolder? for a subwiki? It's a disallowed content type, so i cannot create it. folder_contents of course doesn't offer the add new item function, but cannot create it with createObject either. :(

Anyone experience with SubWiki-s in Plone? -- 2003/07/26 12:55 GMT reply
hmmm... ok, i had to add it to the allowed content types in the portal_types :) Now copying all subwiki pages to the new hierarchy, let's see if this is the solution. - FloK

news --FlorianKonnertz, 2003/07/27 02:05 GMT reply
I got my wiki work with plone wiki folders for main folder and subwiki folders :) I made a ui_slots box for the header-hierarchy/context, called it 'Wiki navigation'; now i will create a backlinks box :)

context with siblings question --FlorianKonnertz, 2003/07/27 02:08 GMT reply
Ouh, forgot a question: I call context with parameter with_siblings=1 because in the box is enough space for them. But it shows also the siblings of the parent page, which are not related and too many in most cases. Is there a simple solution/modification of context, (I didnt want to surf in the code as it's not too easy... )

wiki folder_contents properties view and form --FlorianKonnertz, 2003/07/31 17:59 GMT reply
I'd like to have a folder_contents view with all properties of the wiki pages to have an overview and a folder_contents form to modify them as manager resp. owner i.e. change the page_type of many pages at once and more. I made some for my RatingSupport? product (hopefully ready soon) and i'd like to do this - but let me ask first if there's already some work in progess (limi?). I have no idea when i manage to make them, but i don't like to wait more than a few weeks :) - Somebody else interested in such a feature?

controlBox recipe --FlorianKonnertz, 2003/07/31 18:20 GMT reply
Nice recipe for a control item box (RecentCh?, AnnoyingQuote, and what you want), works fine;

PageInclusion? does not work --FlorianKonnertz, 2003/07/31 20:08 GMT reply
Why does PageInclusion? with < dtml-var "RecentChanges(bare=1)> not work anymore in Plone ??

PageInclusion does not work --Simon Michael, Wed, 13 Aug 2003 20:23:24 +0000 reply
zwiki-wiki@zwiki.org (FlorianKonnertz) writes:

Why does PageInclusion with < dtml-var "RecentChanges(bare=1)> not work anymore in Plone ??

No reason I can think of. Link to an example ?

How to add a zwiki to a plone site? -- Thu, 14 Aug 2003 20:57:05 +0000 reply
At Plone's documentation wiki:

At zwiki.org : ZwikiAndPlone => Zwiki and Plone : says to use an install script. Are these the most current and complete install instructions?


How to add a zwiki to a plone site? --SimonMichael, Fri, 15 Aug 2003 01:22:39 +0000 reply
Yes, except mention of Wiki Folder should be removed. The "cmf_install_zwiki" method is described best. The CMFQuickInstaller? (built in to plone-cvs) might be better but I don't know exactly how you do that.

non portal_types in Wiki folder: keep or not? --FlorianKonnertz, Sat, 16 Aug 2003 08:46:39 +0000 reply
Hi ZwikiAndPlone people. I write a folder_contents_properties view. All objects properties are shown and can be edited (many at once) from the plone interface. When it's ready it should work for all folders and portal_types. - but i wonder how i should handle the old images, files (non-portal_types) in the wiki folder. They're of course not visible in the folder_contents view. Should i "migrate" them to portal_types or better make the folder_contents view for all zope objects?? - I like to stay with plone, so i guess the first would be better... any ideas to this??

non portal_types in Wiki folder: keep or not? --FlorianKonnertz, Sat, 16 Aug 2003 10:01:11 +0000 reply
Ok, i imgrated one image for testing to a Image portal_type. Apparently they cannot be linked to via html < img> tag, right?

non portal_types in Wiki folder: keep or not? --SimonMichael, Mon, 18 Aug 2003 00:46:37 +0000 reply


name --DeanGoodmanson, Tue, 02 Sep 2003 11:24:13 -0700 reply
The main page of http://plone.org lists Zwiki as ZWiki. See Glossary for proper spelling.

non portal_types in Wiki folder: keep or not? --FlorianKonnertz, Wed, 03 Sep 2003 04:38:08 -0700 reply
Why YAGNI? Could you explain please, Simon?

portal_catalog and old ZCatalog --FlorianKonnertz, Wed, 03 Sep 2003 13:09:30 -0700 reply
What has to be done to use portal_catalog for IssueTracker? Should i add all the former indizes to it?

BTW this page needs refactoring - there should be a howto for ZwikiAndPlone. I wonder if i find the time to do it these days... :p

non portal_types in Wiki folder: keep or not? --Simon Michael, Thu, 11 Sep 2003 16:22:40 -0700 reply
I'm sorry, I don't remember. Zwiki should probably upload CMF/plone content objects when appropriate, perhaps then displaying non-CMF objects wouldn't matter. limi has also been working in this area, cf wikinav_portlet in 0.22's zwiki_plone skin.

portal_catalog and old ZCatalog --SimonMichael, Thu, 11 Sep 2003 16:41:26 -0700 reply
Yes, you'll need to add some indices and metadata fields to portal_catalog. See setupCatalog() & setupTracker() in Admin.py in cvs for a starting point.

portal_catalog and old ZCatalog --laura trippi, Fri, 03 Oct 2003 18:25:44 -0700 reply

BTW this page needs refactoring - there should be a howto for ZwikiAndPlone. I wonder if i find the time to do it these days... :p

I keep wondering the same thing about Zwiki and Plone. Maybe in a few weeks I can do that.


Zope ZWiki + Plone = funny link --laura trippi, Sat, 04 Oct 2003 13:20:10 -0700 reply
On Thursday, September 25, 2003, at 01:20 AM, PieterB wrote:

On Thu, Sep 25, 2003 at 04:55:07PM +0900, Chihiro Kuraya wrote:
I have installed Zope-2.6.2 + CMFPlone?-1.0.5 + Zwiki-0.22.0 and created [ZWiki Web]? object inside plone site.

ZWiki has default page titled HelpPage, which contains some anchor link as follows:

User interface
Email subscription

But this link jump to FrontPage instead of HelpPage itself.

Why this happens ? Are there any work around to this problem ?

It looks like a Zwiki bug.

It's a Plone thing: for anchors in plone, you need to put the page name in front of the anchor link, like so:

User interface
Email subscription

I think that should work, though I have tried it on that particular page. Alos, some of the info on that page may not be accurate w/regard to a plone wiki.


RSS feed of RecentChanges in Plone2.0 --FlorianKonnertz, Thu, 04 Dec 2003 04:04:58 -0800 reply
Anybody already setup a RSS feed of RecentChanges in Plone2.0 ??

RSS feed of RecentChanges in Plone2.0 --DeanGoodmanson, Thu, 04 Dec 2003 07:11:26 -0800 reply
Did the RSS2 page work? It started out as a dtml method. A more elaborate solution would be to implement PyRSS?2Gen ...

Portal Actions for skin-based views --Andreas Mayer, Fri, 12 Dec 2003 02:58:52 -0800 reply
I'd like to provide links to the new skin-based views (recentchanges, searchwiki, ...) for my ZWikis? under Plone. I only managed to add these links to the regular list of tabs at the top of each page (which already includes view, edit, history, and backlinks), which is quite easy. Unfortunately, this list of tabs is not wrapped and split up into several rows, if the browser window is not wide enough to display all tabs at once. At http://plone.zwiki.org the new views were put into a second row below the default row. How can I do this myself?

How do others provide these views? Are you referring to them in the FrontPage? Do you provide them in an additional slot, or in additional tabs?

-- Andreas

Portal Actions for skin-based views --Samotnik, Fri, 12 Dec 2003 10:17:01 -0800 reply
These tabs are in newest 0.25.0 version only. If you upgraded, probably You have to check some .pyc files, and exchange with new ones manually.

See GeneralDiscussion topic "Service tabs invisible in Plone"

Frankly speaking, I didn't check yet, so have no experience. But Limi has :)


Portal Actions for skin-based views -- Fri, 12 Dec 2003 12:11:23 -0800 reply
Hi.. you should not normally have to mess with .pyc files. That's something to check only if you have installed 0.25, restarted zope, re-installed zwiki in your cmf/plone site, and you don't see the new actions in portal_types -> Wiki Page -> actions.

If you prefer these actions as tabs, just change their category in the ZMI to object They will wrap to two lines with plone 2b2 and mozilla 1.6 at least. If you want them up in the site tabs, use that category instead (I have forgotten it).

Portal Actions for skin-based views --Samotnik, Sun, 14 Dec 2003 09:06:29 -0800 reply
You'right. New kind of actions, i.e. object_actions are working properly in Plone 2.beta2 (and 2.RC2). They are also visible in Plone 1.0.5 but this Plone version doesn't support object_actions.

These new actions can be replaced with object to make them wiki tabs, or with portal_tabs to make them site tabs. However, wiki contents doesn't work in either of these cases in Plone 1.0.5.. In order to make it work, the address of action should be written simply contents instead of python:object.contentsUrl(), at least for Plone 1.0.5.

Unfortunatelly, wiki tabs don't wrap in Plone 1.0.5. But You can save much space horizontal if decrease left and right margins in the Wiki tabs. Go to CMFPlone?/skins/plone_styles/plone.css.dtml and find #contentTabs a. Here change padding from 2em to 0.5em. Looks still elegant, and a lot of space is getting free :).

Portal Actions for skin-based views --Simon Michael, Fri, 19 Dec 2003 03:31:15 -0800 reply

tabs, or portal_tabs to make them site tabs. Except wiki contensts which doesn't work in either of these cases in Plone 1.0.5.

Why not ? What happens with it ?

Portal Actions for skin-based views --Samotnik, Fri, 19 Dec 2003 05:39:34 -0800 reply
I don't know why. The error meesage is that no such adress exists, and all expression python:object.contentsUrl() is displayed in the status bar of Mozilla. I tried to write various things instead of this expression, with the same errorous effect. Only simple contents works. It means that simple relative link is enough, same as in the case of other services called by object_actions.

no template for reparenting pages? --FlorianKonnertz, Mon, 29 Dec 2003 21:13:37 -0800 reply
There's no template for reparenting pages, right? Renaming is done in the editform if i get it right... Any hint are appreciated.

no template for reparenting pages? --FlorianKonnertz, Mon, 29 Dec 2003 21:33:14 -0800 reply
emmm, i got it - the backlinks.pt - I am just confused why the zwiki_showbacklinks cookie is used to decide if the checkboxes should be shown: I use that cookie to check if the backlinks_slot should be shown. (Compare: NooWiki) - flo

no template for reparenting pages? --Simon Michael, Tue, 30 Dec 2003 03:06:14 -0800 reply
FlorianKonnertz wrote:

emmm, i got it - the backlinks.pt - I am just confused why the zwiki_showbacklinks cookie is used to decide if the checkboxes should be shown:

Actually it uses the zwiki_showhierarchy cookie. There's no way to enable this in a plone wiki, though unless you set up a UserOptions? page.

no template for reparenting pages? --FlorianKonnertz, Tue, 30 Dec 2003 23:29:47 -0800 reply
Again confusion, hehe... sorry, Simon. I meant the ...hierarchy cookie of course. Yep, I have a UserOptionsPortlet? but use the cookie only for the hierarchy portlet aka wikinav_portlet. Actually i removed the cookie condition tests on backlinks.pt, so the checkboxes are always shown. Anonymous is allowed to reparent. That's it. - Sorry again for the stupid question. flo

Subscription issues -- Sun, 11 Jan 2004 12:45:04 -0800 reply
Hi, there seems to be a little contention here re; the subscription policy and edits .vs. comments. (i.e. you only get one or the other)

This is my quick fix to "quickcomment"; if ((getattr(self.folder(),mailout_policy,comments) in ["edits","comments"]?) and (text or subject)):

But it would be nice to have mailout_policy as a tuple that can contain 0 or more types .... (http://linux.co.uk/)

Subscription issues --Simon Michael, Mon, 12 Jan 2004 01:42:32 -0800 reply
"Edits" includes comments. but perhaps this was referring to issue 690

Permission for users to create zwiki pages -- Sat, 24 Jan 2004 12:13:34 -0800 reply
I installed Zope (2.6.3), CMF, and Plone (2, beta 3). I also installed zwiki. The installation went fine, and as admin, I see the add Wiki Page in my add new item list. I am also able to add Wiki pages as admin. But, I am neither able to see the add Wiki Page in my item list as a user (not admin), nor am I able to modify/add new pages to Wiki pages already created (in this case by admin). I am pretty sure it is something simple, but as all this is quite new to me, I would appreciate any directions on how I can get the "add Wiki Pages" to show up on the tool list for users, and secondly, how they can get the permission to add/edit existing wiki pages. Thanks.

How EXACTLY to install Zwiki in Plone? -- Mon, 26 Jan 2004 13:34:48 -0800 reply
Installed the Plone 2 RC3 for Mac OS X. Seems to run fine. But I am confused as how to actually install Zwiki as described. The Plone docs say to install all Zope/Plone products in "Plone2/Sites/Default/Products" (I am just running default site for now). If I drop the Zwiki folder in there, Plone cannot start up (I see a python process start with user Plone, but then it terminates after 10 seconds or so). So I'm guessing that is not the place. If I put the Zope folder into "Plone2/Library/Software/Zope270/Zope/skel/Products" Plone starts, but it's not listed in the install page when I login Plone as admin as stated on the Zwiki site: "How to install Zwiki in a Plone Site make sure the Zwiki product is installed in your zope products directory in your web browser, go to Plone Setup -> Install Products and install Zwiki (Plone 2)."

Any pointers? Thanks yeagerm@comcast.net

Permission for users to create zwiki pages --Simon Michael, Wed, 28 Jan 2004 15:07:02 -0800 reply

appreciate any directions on how I can get the "add Wiki Pages" to show up on the tool list for users, and secondly, how they can get the permission to add/edit existing wiki pages. Thanks.

I believe you need to grant some Zwiki permissions to the Authenticated or Anonymous roles, not just Manager, in your folder's or plone site's Security tab. These are listed on QuickReference or BasicFrontPage I believe. Does this help ?

How EXACTLY to install Zwiki in Plone? --SimonMichael, Wed, 28 Jan 2004 17:09:26 -0800 reply
I'm also confused by Plone's zope directory layout. I would think the first place sounds more correct, and we need to find out why it terminates. Can you enable your EventLog, or start up Zope/Plone in debug mode in order to see ? Sorry, I don't know exactly how to do this on osx.

... -- Mon, 26 Jan 2004 14:37:22 -0800 reply

Installing Zwiki in Plone 2 -- Mon, 26 Jan 2004 14:39:49 -0800 reply
I have ZWiki installed in Zope (INSTANCE_HOME) but it doesn't show up as available to instal in plone when I go to Plone Setup -> Install Products. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Re: Installing Zwiki in Plone 2 -- Tue, 27 Jan 2004 06:13:28 -0800 reply
I had same problem, and Jim Roepcke found a mention that it is a known issue with Zwiki and Zope 2.7 which is installed with Plone 2. I am still confused about the proper place to install Zwiki with Plone 2, is it "Plone2/Sites/Default/Products" which is what Plone 2 instructions say, or "Plone2/Library/Software/Zope270/Zope/skel/Products"? When I install in Zope Products, I have the same problem you do. If I install in Plone Products, Python quits after 10 seconds after starting Plone2. Emails about all this below. snip :

 > Jim, here's the error msg and traceback- thanks, Mark

 Thanks Mark.

 >   File  
 > "/Applications/Plone2/Sites/Default/Products/ZWiki/__init__.py", line  
 > 10, in ?
 >     import ZWikiPage, ZWikiWeb, Permissions, Defaults
 >   File  
 > "/Applications/Plone2/Sites/Default/Products/ZWiki/ZWikiPage.py", line  
 > 68, in ?
 >     from Utils import Utils, BLATHER
 >   File "/Applications/Plone2/Sites/Default/Products/ZWiki/Utils.py",  
 > line 19, in ?
 >     DateTimeSyntaxError = DateTime.SyntaxError
 > AttributeError: class DateTime has no attribute 'SyntaxError'

 That's one of the known issues with ZWiki and Zope 2.7 according to the  
 ZWiki site.


page cleanups --SimonMichael, Wed, 28 Jan 2004 17:23:14 -0800 reply
I've rounded up some stray comments here and deleted a bunch of old "renamed to" pages, they were too confusing.

Re: Installing Zwiki in Plone 2 --SimonMichael, Wed, 28 Jan 2004 17:34:00 -0800 reply
Ah, I see: #649 zwiki fails to initialize/pages give AttributeError with Zope 2.7b3, affecting some zope 2.7 betas. I'm assuming that's what came with your plone 2 package. If so, you'll need to apply the small fix on that page to your zope or bug the plone folk for a newer installer.

Zwiki install in Plone2rc3, Mac OS X successful -- Mon, 02 Feb 2004 14:01:35 -0800 reply

Seems to work fine so far!

History page not working properly in Plone -- Fri, 13 Feb 2004 11:37:59 -0800 reply
When viewing a ZWiki page in Plone, if you

Although #418 Plone: zwiki_cmf missing templates for edit, history (diff), backlinks and subscribe states this problem was supposedly solved in 0.18, I have been using ZWiki version 0.25 and have updated to 0.27, and neither of these work properly (ie I still get the non-plone skin for the comparison page).

The compare button calls manage_historicalComparison:method, which is in lib/python/OFS/History.py. This calls manage_historyCompare also from History.py, which calls _manage_historyComparePage from Globals.DTMLFile?. This uses dtml/historyCompare, and so on ...

Is there a fix for this? I am using Linux 2.4, Zope 2.6.2, CMF 1.3.2, Plone 1.0.5, ZWiki 0.27.1

Thanks in advance.


History page not working properly in Plone -- Sat, 14 Feb 2004 02:43:45 -0800 reply
Yes full history is a special case, it leaves the zwiki/plone skin and enters the Zope Management Interface. Maybe someone will make a more user-oriented version we can use instead.

TypeError?: Unsubscriptable Object -- Tue, 24 Feb 2004 18:33:04 -0800 reply
I created a wiki page in plone. I can edit it. But when I try to view it, the error message comes out. I totally don't understand. Could anyone please tell me what's the error mean and why?

TypeError?: Unsubscriptable Object -- Wed, 25 Feb 2004 07:58:23 -0800 reply
Me neither. Please see HowToPostATraceback.

ie6 comment textarea rendering probs w/ 0.27 & 0.28 --dgephardt, Tue, 02 Mar 2004 08:40:10 -0800 reply
Are there known issues (not docuemented yet) on textarea rendering for comments with ie6? I have a plone 1.0.5 setup (windows bin install, zope 2.6.1, python 2.1.3) with zwiki installed in the plone site via CMFQuickInstaller?. Works great, but with the 0.27.1 plone skin changes in wikipage_footer.pt, the comment field renders way too narrow in ie6 (same with 0.28). Zwiki 0.26 did not have this problem. Also, the comment textarea does not respond to any changes in width in wiki options page.

With Firefox 0.8, the comment text area renders much better and also responds to width changes in the wiki options page.

See the screen shot examples at: (filenames describe scenario) http://www.gepzone.com/images/zwiki-0.26-commentlayout-ie6.jpg http://www.gepzone.com/images/zwiki-0.27.1-commentlayout-ie6.jpg http://www.gepzone.com/images/zwiki-0.28-commentlayout-ie6.jpg http://www.gepzone.com/images/zwiki-0.27.1-commentlayout-firefox-0p8.jpg http://www.gepzone.com/images/zwiki-0.28-commentlayout-firefox-0p8.jpg

I know plone2 work is important for the transition, but 1.0.5 is still in use as a "production" solution. Thanks for the great Zwiki product.

ie6 comment textarea rendering probs w/ 0.27 & 0.28 --SimonMichael, Tue, 02 Mar 2004 09:10:50 -0800 reply
Hi.. not that I'm aware of. I've seen this sometimes when my cookies get mixed up. Does it help if you forget cookies or set a new width in user options ? To access that in plone, I think you'll need to visit SOMEPAGE/useroptions.

ie6 comment textarea rendering probs w/ 0.27 & 0.28 -- Tue, 02 Mar 2004 09:23:32 -0800 reply
In ie6, I tried both deleting all cookies and restarting ie6, and also visiting and setting new values in SOMEPAGE/useroptions, neither one changed the bad rendering of comment textarea width. The changes in 0.27.1 wikipage_footer.pt were significant (moved to table based format instead of "div") and I think that's where the issue is. I have seen this on multiple plone/zwiki installs (my production setup and a test server) and with multiple different machines ie6 browsers.

ie6 comment textarea rendering probs w/ 0.27 & 0.28 --SimonMichael, Tue, 02 Mar 2004 13:34:07 -0800 reply

The changes in 0.27.1 wikipage_footer.pt were significant (moved to table based format instead of "div")

Aha, I see. Widths seem to vary inside plone for unknown reasons, I see it with the boxes/portlets sometimes. Hopefully we can tweak it to be more robust.

how can I enable the mail-out with plone 2 ? --J�roli J�zsef, Tue, 16 Mar 2004 08:29:09 -0800 reply
I couldn't make the subscribe option work after reading the ZWikiMail? chapter. in portal_types/Wiki Page | actions it says, that the condition is: object/isMailoutEnabled Where can I set this? Or which is the best approach?

Issue with wiki contents view with Plone 2? -- Fri, 19 Mar 2004 07:42:39 -0800 reply
It appears that the link from the wiki contents tab always resolves to the wiki named FrontPage, regardless of the originating document. Any ideas how this can be fixed? ZWiki has proved to be great anyway!

Issue with wiki contents view with Plone 2? --Simon Michael, Mon, 22 Mar 2004 08:43:23 -0800 reply
.../FrontPage/contents, right ? Is this a problem, aside from the cosmetic issue of the url being different from the page you were on ?

It does this so as to reduce the number of urls a zwiki offers to robots. As it was before, every robot that came to your public wiki would retrieve the contents once for every page in the wiki. Contents is relatively cheap now, but still..

Issue with wiki contents view with Plone 2? -- Mon, 22 Mar 2004 09:35:07 -0800 reply
Thanks for replying. I am probably getting the wrong end of the stick, but I assumed that the <--You are here flag would be positioned next to the wiki that you are on; instead, it always points to FrontPage.

Issue with wiki contents view with Plone 2? --Simon Michael, Mon, 22 Mar 2004 16:00:08 -0800 reply
Aha, yes that is not so good. I thought I had disabled that or made it work. Thanks.

how can I enable the mail-out with plone 2 ? --Simon Michael, Tue, 23 Mar 2004 16:09:40 -0800 reply
J�roli J�zsef wrote:

I couldn't make the subscribe option work after reading the ZWikiMail? chapter. in portal_types/Wiki Page | actions it says, that the condition is: object/isMailoutEnabled Where can I set this? Or which is the best approach?

isMailoutEnabled will be true if

  1. there is a MailHost object, with id MailHost
  2. there is either a mail_replyto or a mail_from property on the wiki folder - a string containing the from address for mail-outs

how can I enable the mail-out with plone 2 ? --JároliJózsef, Tue, 30 Mar 2004 00:56:58 -0800 reply
The problem solved: Now there is no wikifolder anymore, so you should set manually that attribute for the folderish object which contains the wikipages. Thanks!

how can I enable the mail-out with plone 2 ? --JároliJózsef, Tue, 30 Mar 2004 00:59:32 -0800 reply
Wow, what happened with my name :) My mozilla does not detect utf-8 site encoding, but latin-1.

encoding issue --SimonMichael, Tue, 30 Mar 2004 05:00:11 -0800 reply
I don't know. We have the usual meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8" header, but the same thing happens here with firefox 0.8.

A 'print'-method for Plone? -- Mon, 19 Apr 2004 14:13:06 -0700 reply
I am looking for a script like the print DTML-method, which allows to print a page with all its children--but this time in Plone.

The print DTML-method does a nice job in plain Wikis. Unfortunately, it produces garbage in Plone. The problem is the CMF-aware rendering using page(bare=1). When called in a plain Wiki, page(bare=1) returns the rendered HTML code for the page without a header. Therefore, print can concatenate the HTML code for all pages to be rendered, enclose it in body-tags, prepend an HTML header, and the page is ready to print.

In a Plone-Wiki, page(bare=1) renders HTML-code for the respective page and applies the Plone skin to the code. Therefore, the result of page(bare=1) already includes an HTML header, and concatenating the code of two or more pages results in garbage. This can be fixed by replacing call to page(bare=1) (which calls CMFAwareness.__call__) with page.render(bare=1). But how can I apply Plone's skin to the concatenated code by myself like page does, so that the concatenated pages are presented in the plone decoration and are printed with the Plone CSS?


how can I enable the mail-out with plone 2 ? -- Tue, 04 May 2004 20:46:19 -0700 reply
YOu? name is rendered properly at the bottom of the page but not higher up (I am viewing the page in UTF8). This must be due the character set used to post in as well ...

how can I enable the mail-out with plone 2 ? --simon, Thu, 06 May 2004 12:05:47 -0700 reply
Please open an issue so we can pursue this in detail, and/or contact me on #zwiki.

email address mangled on mailout with subscription - zwiki on plone -- Sat, 15 May 2004 12:51:37 -0700 reply
I'm getting an error on the mail going out to me as subscriber of a zwiki on plone. The email address for To: is two email addresses put together - the actual To: address and the From: address (set in properties mail_from) in plone management.

Mail going out from plone itself works - for example emailing someone the address of a plone page.

Any ideas on this?

Thanks, Anita

email address mangled on mailout with subscription - zwiki on plone --SimonMichael, Sat, 15 May 2004 14:26:27 -0700 reply
Hi.. what mail_ properties do you have configured ? Zwiki 0.30 ?

email address mangled on mailout with subscription - zwiki on plone --Anita Lewis, Sat, 15 May 2004 15:09:05 -0700 reply
SimonMichael wrote:

Hi.. what mail_ properties do you have configured ? Zwiki 0.30 ? -- forwarded from http://www.zwiki.org/ZwikiAndPloneCMFDiscussion#msg20040515142627-0700@www.zwiki.org

mail_replyto a valid email address mailout_properties edit

Yes, Zwiki 0.30.

Thanks Anita

email address mangled on mailout with subscription - zwiki on plone --Simon Michael, Sat, 15 May 2004 15:43:50 -0700 reply

mail_replyto a valid email address mailout_properties edit

mailout_policy: edit, I think you meant.

Hmm, I can't reproduce this.

email address mangled on mailout with subscription - zwiki on plone --Anita Lewis, Sat, 15 May 2004 16:09:36 -0700 reply
Simon Michael wrote:

mail_replyto a valid email address mailout_properties edit

mailout_policy: edit, I think you meant.

Hmm, I can't reproduce this.

-- forwarded from http://zwiki.org/ZwikiAndPloneCMFDiscussion#msg40A69C34.2020205@joyful.com

Yes, that is what I meant. The person who installed this is not available right now. I think that he used SendmailHost? rather than the regular Mailhost. That may enter into the equation.

A couple days ago we had this working, but we were not using Rewrite to get rid of the :8080 in the URL and I think he was using ESTMPMailHost?. He did a reinstall of plone and we started fresh. I know there were problems getting mail out to external addresses and that is why a different Mailhost is being used.

I probably should wait until Monday so that I can get input from him on exactly what we have going here.

Thanks, Anita

email address mangled on mailout with subscription - zwiki on plone --Anita Lewis, Sun, 16 May 2004 03:25:52 -0700 reply
I copied this from the SendmailHost?.py that we are using. I don't know python, but that line that begins sendmail=os.popen... looks like it might be doing this. It looks like it is combining the mfrom and the toline. This is working except with whatever is coming in from Zwiki when it sends notification of changes.:

 class SendmailHost(MailHost):
     "A version of the MailHost object which uses sendmail rather than smtplib"

     meta_type='Sendmail Host'

     def _send(self, mfrom, mto, messageText):
         "Send the message"
         mfrom = parseaddr(mfrom)[1] # sendmail needs email address parsed
         toline = ''
         for m in mto:
           toline += parseaddr(m)[1]
         sendmail=os.popen("/usr/sbin/sendmail -f " + mfrom + " " + toline, "w")
         print >>sendmail, messageText

email address mangled on mailout with subscription - zwiki on plone --simon, Mon, 17 May 2004 07:22:48 -0700 reply
Hi Anita - yes it does look like a problem with that mail product. You can verify by testing zwiki with a standard MailHost. I would contact the product author - perhaps a bug, or perhaps your and their sendmail take different arguments.

email address mangled on mailout with subscription - zwiki on plone -- Mon, 17 May 2004 18:25:26 -0700 reply
Going back to ESMTPMailHost? fixed the problem. Thanks. Anita

Printing zwiki on plone using mozilla or netscape -- Mon, 17 May 2004 18:30:49 -0700 reply
Printing with mozilla or netscape produces pages where the text does not wrap. There are also some very long links that I don't see when printing with Internet Explorer. The print in IE is cut off a bit on the right edge, but in mozilla and netscape, the lines are not wrapping so they are seriously truncated.

I saw in a changelog on plone that this is due to the large print in mozilla, but this is more than that, because the lines are not wrapping. We just upgraded to the latest plone which may or may not make this problem more complex.

Thanks for any input. Are there yet more problems with running zwiki on plone that I should know about after this one is fixed? :-)


Printing zwiki on plone using mozilla or netscape --Simon Michael, Mon, 17 May 2004 18:42:17 -0700 reply
But of course :) Check KnownIssues, and also IssueTracker for newer bug reports.

It has worked pretty well for basic stuff, but I think plone users are starting to push it a little harder.. thanks for the reports.

Printing zwiki on plone using mozilla or netscape -- Tue, 18 May 2004 07:15:57 -0700 reply
Thanks, Simon. I looked in those places and did not find anything on a similar print issue. I did get the idea to check things out with Structured rather than reStructured text. I get wrapping when printing from the wiki page if it is in Structured text!! The bad part is that I'm getting the links for the tabs of the wiki manager at the top and long links to the WikiNames within the text. That is not happening in IE. Do you know what that link business is about? Why would it show links for the stuff that is not even in the text?

Thanks, Anita

Printing zwiki on plone using mozilla or netscape --Simon Michael, Tue, 18 May 2004 09:20:51 -0700 reply
Anita, sorry I didn't mean to imply your printing issue was a known issue. It's not, it's a new one. Sorry I have no answers just at the moment. Perhaps you would add this to the tracker so we can all continue to investigate it.

Migrate zope zwiki to plone -- Tue, 18 May 2004 17:43:40 -0700 reply
I would like to migrate a wiki from Zope into plone, but I'm not sure how to go about it. A simple dump via webDAV does't work because the text formating information of each page is lost. An export/import from the ZMI fails: the imported wiki folder won't even show up in the plone interface.

Migrate zope zwiki to plone --Simon Michael, Thu, 20 May 2004 13:34:11 -0700 reply
I think you want *HowToMoveAWikiIntoPlone *

Security Wide Open ZWiki - Not in Navigator below Home link -- Thu, 03 Jun 2004 19:11:51 -0700 reply
I've added a ZWiki to my Plone site and it installed just fine. I'm having issues being able to view the ZWiki folder using the Plone navigation - it seems I have to be an Owner in the ACL even when I have anonymous access for everything set in Plone and acquisition turned on in the ZWiki folder and everything set to anonymous there as well (this is a dev instance ;-). How does the notion of an owner differ from that of a member when security is so wide open? If I make a member also an owner in the ACL then he can see the ZWiki folder. I'd like to understand this - any help appreciated.

Security Wide Open ZWiki - Not in Navigator below Home link --SimonMichael, Fri, 04 Jun 2004 01:14:13 -0700 reply
It sounds like the role(s) you normally possess are lacking some permission that you need - check QuickReference permissions section. Owner role apparently has the permission, but it should not normally be necessary to mess with ownership or grant yourself the owner role for this.

Security Wide Open ZWiki - Not in Navigator below Home link --SimonMichael, Fri, 04 Jun 2004 01:16:05 -0700 reply
PS if QuickReference doesn't reveal it, ZopeWiki:VerboseSecurity is a good permissions troubleshooting tool.

cmf_install_zwiki not working for me --michael@xnoubis.org, Sat, 21 Aug 2004 19:05:44 -0700 reply
I'm running Plone 1.0.6 on Zope 2.5.1. I'm trying to use the cmf_install_zwiki method described in HowToInstallZwikiInPlone in order to, um, install Zwiki in Plone. But when I visit MY_SITE_URL/cmf_install_zwiki, I get "Error Type: AttributeError? Error Value: manage_addDateIndex" with the following traceback:

Traceback (innermost last):
  File /usr/share/src/Zope-2.5.1-src/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line 150, in publishmodule
  File /usr/share/src/Zope-2.5.1-src/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line 114, in publish
  File /usr/share/src/Zope-2.5.1-src/lib/python/Zope/__init__.py, line 159, in zpublisher_exception_hook
    (Object: divinebliss)
  File /usr/share/src/Zope-2.5.1-src/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line 98, in publish
  File /usr/share/src/Zope-2.5.1-src/lib/python/ZPublisher/mapply.py, line 88, in mapply
    (Object: cmf_install_zwiki)
  File /usr/share/src/Zope-2.5.1-src/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line 39, in call_object
    (Object: cmf_install_zwiki)
  File /usr/share/src/Zope-2.5.1-src/lib/python/Products/ExternalMethod/ExternalMethod.py, line 205, in __call_
    (Object: cmf_install_zwiki)
    (Info: ((), {}, None))
  File /usr/share/src/Zope-2.5.1-src/lib/python/Products/ZWiki/Extensions/Install.py, line 69, in install
    (Object: divinebliss)
  File /usr/share/src/Zope-2.5.1-src/lib/python/Products/ZWiki/Admin.py, line 435, in setupCatalog
    (Object: )
AttributeError: (see above)

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

cmf_install_zwiki not working for me --Racing Pitoune, Mon, 23 Aug 2004 10:03:32 -0700 reply
Those software versions go way back in time. What I'd do is upgrade Python & all to current levels and then install ZWiki.

cmf_install_zwiki not working for me --Michael Sanborn, Mon, 23 Aug 2004 13:14:21 -0700 reply
I may have to do that, yes. But I'm hoping to find a less radical solution, as I've got some old and precarious projects running on this Zope instance, and I'm not looking forward to the ensuing can of worms.

cmf_install_zwiki not working for me --SimonMichael, Mon, 23 Aug 2004 20:38:09 -0700 reply
The modern DateIndex? does not exist in zope 2.5, I believe. You could try older Zwiki versions until you find one that works, or try commenting out that line in Install.py (and add the necessary catalog indexes & metadata by hand).

cmf_install_zwiki not working for me --SimonMichael, Mon, 23 Aug 2004 20:40:40 -0700 reply
See also http://zwiki.org/FAQs#How%20do%20I%20set%20up%20a%20wiki%20catalog? , unfortunately the list of catalog fields is gone but you can see them in http://zwiki.org/zwikidir/Admin.py

cmf_install_zwiki not working for me --Michael Sanborn, Tue, 24 Aug 2004 14:44:53 -0700 reply
Okay, this is starting to work for me so far, thanks. So I'm adding the Indexes listed in setupCatalog within the portal_catalog in the ZMI, and then I'll be adding the metadata, right? But what do I do about the DateIndexes? in that list, creationTime and lastEditTime? Create them as FieldIndexes??

cmf_install_zwiki not working for me --Simon Michael, Tue, 24 Aug 2004 14:45:20 -0700 reply
I'm not sure.. yes try that.

cmf_install_zwiki not working for me --Michael Sanborn, Tue, 24 Aug 2004 15:32:19 -0700 reply
It works!

You guys rock, as always. Thanks a lot.

setupTracker gives 404 -- Wed, 25 Aug 2004 00:15:52 -0700 reply
Hi - I have tried this twice now. Clean install of Plone2 on Windows, download latest ZWiki, drop into productes folder, start Plone, Plone setup, install ZWiki, create a new folder, add a wiki page, and then when I try to go to the xxxxx/setupTracker page I am returned a 404 ???? What I dont understand is how I have had this running before ???

setupTracker gives 404 --Simon Michael, Wed, 25 Aug 2004 01:47:22 -0700 reply
This was the frequent .../folder/setupTracker mistake. The how-to was tweaked.

deleted wiki pages -- Sun, 31 Oct 2004 22:31:51 -0800 reply
How about this folder? I can add Type of content inside. Is there a way to limit only deleted files go in.

mailout_policy=edits don't notify for comments -- Wed, 03 Nov 2004 09:35:56 -0800 reply
Hi - I read KnownIssues and it seems this bug was removed since v0.28. I use ZWIKI v0.35 on Plone. I subscribed to the whole wiki and I am only notified when users add pages, not when they add comments. I set the property mailout_policy = edits on the zwiki folder. Is there anything to take care? Any idea?

zwiki to plone document converter --reinout, Tue, 02 Aug 2005 09:40:42 -0700 reply
I've written a converter for plone sites that converts zwiki documents to plone documents. Wrote most of it during europython for the plone.org migration. Zwiki is fine for many things, but it didn't really fit on plone.org. More info and download link at http://vanrees.org/weblog/1123002767 . (Tried to edit this page directly, but got an error).

Advanced Search -- Wed, 10 Aug 2005 14:42:40 -0700 reply
The advanced search won't work in a Plone site unless the user clicks off the workflow states at the bottom. Or you could make wiki's workflow enabled and use one of the standard plone states, but that's another story.

moved demo site --simon, Fri, 30 Sep 2005 16:27:51 -0700 reply
I've moved plone.zwiki.org to plone.demo.zwiki.org, for clarity and consistency with other demo sites. The old urls should still work.

what about cmf only? -- Fri, 04 Nov 2005 09:00:32 -0800 reply
too bad that there are so many plone-dependencies, and not just plain cmf. it looks pretty hard to install with a self-made cmf site :-/

what about cmf only? --Simon Michael, Fri, 04 Nov 2005 09:28:17 -0800 reply
Zwiki has always worked with plain CMF, even though the docs may refer to just plone for brevity. If you find otherwise, please do file bugs..