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When using the view tab in zope on the standard_wiki_header I get

"An exception occurred in a DTML method or document.

Error type: KeyError? Error value: wiki_base_url

Innermost method: /ZopeHosting?/freezope/ Name not found or not allowed: wiki_base_url"


2002/08/09 11:19 GMT (via web):
Sorry, for the stupid question! When someone change or add a site i get a mail with the wikiName in the subject field. But I want to see in the subject field that it was created by wiki , like: subject: wiki - "new customer Mr. Hollt" and not like subject: "new customer Mr. Hollt". Is it possible to chnage this, and where? Thanks

You would change sendMailTo in ZWiki/SubscriberList?.py. Follow up on GeneralDiscussion if you need more help.