(a ZwikiModification)

WikiWikiWeb has a feature where you can type in an ISBN number, and the wiki links to an online bookseller.

(The pattern is: "ISBN", optional colon, space, ten digits with optional hyphens, the whole thing optionally in square brackets. The last digit can be an "X".)


I wrote a patch to add this. The default bookseller is Amazon, but you can change that if you add a DTML method called isbn_url in your ZWikiWeb? folder that contains the bookstore query string.

Query string for Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/

Query string for Fatbrain: http://www1.fatbrain.com/asp/bookinfo/bookinfo.asp?theisbn=

Here's the patch: http://valis.zaplet.org/misc/zwiki-isbn-patch.txt


*Adam, what's wrong with RemoteWikiLinks? Try FatBrain:1568581033. --GTK*

recipe --DeanGoodmanson, 2003/03/23 04:28 GMT
I have extended this idea at BookLookup

2003/03/28 01:20 GMT
On my zwiki site I just made an ISBN page with a RemoteWikiURL. It search BarnesAndNoble? (since I object to Amazon's patent behavior), using my affiliate code. You can see examples on http://webseitz.fluxent.com/wiki/BookList