The early ZWiki proposal.


Wiki and Zope

I'd like to see the wiki concept implemented in Zope. Each has unique features and their combination would be valuable.

  • Wiki is very good at allowing one or many people to develop hypertext content, with speed and simplicity.
  • Zope is very good at allowing many people to build object-based web applications, talking to databases, transactions, fine-grained access control, etc. It is powerful; complex yet has a clean design.

Design thoughts

There are various ways a wiki might be implemented in zope. One could:

  1. implement a wiki clone in zope, identical from the user's viewpoint. This would benefit from zope features like undo, without extra effort.

  2. explore how a wiki can leverage zope features, like:

    • DTML (dynamic content) and method/property acquisition
    • other markup formats - structured text, XML, DTML
    • FTP and webDAV access
    • access control


WikiWikiWeb is the notion of trivially-editable collaborative hypertext, which has proven to be extremely effective. ( )

ZoPe is an open-source web object publishing platform, written in Python, which is going from strength to strength and exciting a lot of developers. ( )

Python is the very popular object-oriented "scripting" language ( , )