Page Outlines RFC

(Not to be confused with PageTemplate)

To help guide users to page content, I would like to discuss a feature for allowing a user to begin editing a page by adding in a pre-set page outline.

Basic Story: User Edits a page, adds some basic description, then Selects an outline page from a dropdown box and selects Create. The contents of the template is appended to the page. Open to discussing a more advanced method, but want to flesh out understanding and basic issues first.

Outlines are anything from common page formats endorsed by the Wiki (insert WikiWiki term here) to specific outlines which don't lend themselves to strict adherance. Theres also places where incorporating DTML helper code for dynamic content would be easier. Another advanced example is a form which is the seed for a set of pages, which upon creation create more links for the remainder of the documentation.

Examples of document types: RFC, Discussion page, Contributor pages, Topic tour guides

Examples of outline types: Recipe, Job log,

Dynamic Content: Weblog, FAQ Page

Is marking outline pages as simple as all pages ending in the term "Outline."


Opinions and Summarized Discussion

I like the idea of an "outline", as it implies a starting point both in web page building and writing. I would hope this would help build momentum in the face of "blank page" and "where is the real content in the web of scaffolding?" challanges.