Yep, it's true. I've been bitten by the Wiki bug. Here are some of my thoughts:

o Notification. Kind of like subscribers. Whenever a
Wiki changes, people on the subscriber list get an email with a quick link.
o More "kinds of things" that can be added. Right now,
only a ZWiki Document can be created. What if you could create other kinds of things? For instance, an image, or a Proposal, etc. Then let these things control how they are displayed, and how their links are rendered. For instance, an image would insert the markup for img src. Something that is new might have a little "new" icon after the hyperlink.
o Multiple rendering. I harbor a dream that Zope
Documentation would become a big Wiki that could be flattened into a stream of DocBkXML?. With Jim's secret StructuredText project, this isn't so far fetched.
o Acquiring lookups. If a term isn't found in this
Wiki, keep looking up above you.