what it is (again) "Child of PerPageStylesHack!"

this page is a demonstration of some experimental user interface techniques in the "notebook" proto-skin. it extends:


even more horrible "new! improved!"

ps- "bzzzz..."

semi-tricky css

may not render properly in some browsers

now with less content so zooming to smaller font sizes eliminates the scrollbar and/or zooming to larger sizes displays it

to see the proto-skin on this page the WikipageX skin must be selected in UserOptions?


requested... ...tia!


a few new bits... --DanMcmullen, Mon, 10 Nov 2003 14:22:46 -0800 reply
...tweeks n mockups. the proto-skin starts to almost look like what i'm imagining, so far.

as always, TKOYFIR*

(*The Kindness Of Your Feedback Is Requested)