what it is (again) "Child of PerPageStylesHack!"

this page is a demonstration of some experimental user interface techniques in the "notebook" proto-skin. it extends:


even more horrible "new! improved!"

ps- "bzzzz..."

if you like green engineering notepads, try this small tweek:


semi-tricky css

may not render properly in some browsers

to see the proto-skin on this page the WikipageX skin must be selected in UserOptions?


requested... ...tia!



gotta comment --DeanGoodmanson, Wed, 12 Nov 2003 14:48:52 -0800 reply
reply link gone?

does your scroll wheel still work? Mine doesn't.

ghosty zwiki logo in background grinning at me..

boy, yr fast --DanMcmullen, Wed, 12 Nov 2003 14:52:20 -0800 reply
scroll wheel is a glitch in mozilla somehow. if you click one of the top/comments/bottom links it starts working. hacky. wonder if this works better in v1.5.