Notes on the SkinnedFolder setup that was running on for a while.

My goal is to be able to install all skins here and allow people to switch between them in UserOptions?, for testing etc. Currently the default, commonplace and wikipagex skins seem to be working. Commonplace is very slow for some reason.

Keeping stylesheets and other things in subdirectories can cause problems for this setup (and CMF skins). For example, link tags attempt to fetch stylesheets without a user skin cookie (unless you hard-code it in the url) so will fail if that layer is not present in the default skin. To get around this I have moved all stylesheets under a css directory, common to all skins, and changed the urls throughout the skins. I've found no better solution.

Beware, with CMF and FileSystemSite? installed you will have two identical Filesystem Directory View items in the ZMI add menu. The first is the CMF's; this will work, except for the customize button (renaming your skins tool 'portal_skins' may fix this). The second is FileSystemSite?'s; with a patch to that product, plus the latest CVSRepository, the customize button will work.

For customizing things here, I've added a per-skin custom directory, as well as the one common to all.

<blockquote> <br /> <img src="skintool.png" style="border:thin black solid;" />

the properties tab: <br /> <img src="skintoolproperties.png" style="border:thin black solid;" /> </blockquote>