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I can't get a user who does not have the "Manager" role to be able to edit or even load ZWiki pages via ftp.

I install a fresh Zope 2.4.1 with ZWiki 0.9.5. I create a ZWikiWeb?. I can use the admin account to access ZWiki pages via ftp.

I create a new user test (on the top level). I create a role test (on the top level). I assign the test role all permissions (on the top level).

I am not able to access any of the ZWiki pages in the folder via ftp using the user test. I am able, though, to access all the DTML methods in the folder.

Hi Simon. I wonder if the _handleEditText method in is correct? I seem to be able to enable both the Edit box and the Append box with just the security permission Append to Wiki Pages (versions 0.9.5, 0.9.6). --GeoffGardiner

Thanks Geoff. It will let you use the edit form to append something, but if you actually change existing text it should deny permission. Could that be what's happening ? --SM

Ok, definitely what's happening. Thank you.

I've had a lot of not-much-fun trying to install ex User Folder with Zwiki authenticating against an NT SMB source. It intermittently works, with three problems:

This appears to be a problem with Zwiki but not with an ordinary folder and standard DTML pages. I think this is tied up with the odd login problems I've described before. I've had to revert to a local User Folder. --GG

I have set up a where adding zwiki pages is only allowed for authenticated users. I have found that some (well one anyway) users even after authentication, cannot create new pages: when they click on a question mark, they get and editform with pink/orage colour bars at top and bottom, with "(login required)" written next to the create button. When, after entring the contents, they click the create button, their netscape hangs waiting for a response I am using zwiki-0.98 under Zope-2.4.3

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