I am a Zwiki PageMaintainer? and I subscribed to the wiki. I try to mix with the real ZwikiContributors on the GeneralDiscussion from time to time, but unfortuately I don't have much time for doing Zope-stuff. I work as a consultant for a dutch knowledge management and content management firm: CIBIT Educators | Consultants.

I like Zwiki very much and I like to contribute on the following area's of Zwiki development:

I'm interested in working on Wiki BestPractices, WikiMail and ZwikiAndProjectManagement when I have some free time.

You can reach me by email (PieterB at gewis dot nl) or post a message to the GeneralDiscussion. If I didn't answer your question on GeneralDiscussion feel free to use email to get my attention.

See also my homepage: http://gewis.nl/~pieterb/ (in dutch)