I'm planning to post this soon - your feedback welcome:

I'd like more people to take on development of Zope 2 Zwiki. With more developer activity we could have more fun making it more valuable to more people than at present. I think the product will provide some value for a good while yet, so it's not too late to shake things up and make a bigger splash. If we don't do this during the period of Zwiki & Zope 2's relevance, our good work will bring less benefit than it might have.

What are the roadblocks to a more active Zwiki developer community ? For one thing I need to nail down some copyright/license issues more explicitly, to help make contributing and accepting contributions a no-brainer. Here's my latest thinking:


Much Zope code uses the ZPL. We want to maximize code sharing and participation with the whole Zope community. Much of the rest of the FOSS world uses the GPL, and the same goes for them. Dual GPL/ZPL licensing may seem a good option, but I'm convinced it's not worth the added complexity, legal uncertainty and fragmentation; either straight GPL or straight ZPL is preferable. GPL is the mainstream license for the future IMHO, I think it's still the best option, and I have no plan to leave it. Also I think we should adopt GPLv3? when it's ready. That said, there's now clear policy allowing non-GPL code to be added to Zwiki if necessary (below). Also I remain open to license exemption requests from Zope developers.


I no longer think the single copyright holder policy is best for this project, and I'm going to drop it. I am changing the main repo's policy to multiple copyright holders (& allowing multiple licenses), with the simple condition that the overall project manager is assigned the right to relicense to newer license versions. The powerful darcs revision control system (together with new CONTRIBUTORS list) should help us to keep track of copyright & licensing status and even remove problematic commits later if needed.


To ensure that everyone gets proper credit for their work; a clear audit trail and legal status for the project; and that the project can remain license-compatible with other free & open-source software in future, I have added a very simple contributor agreement/contributor list: http://zwiki.org/repos/ZWiki/CONTRIBUTORS.txt . We need to get all Zwiki contributors signing this file, please read it and then follow this easy procedure to add your name to the glorious list:

(install darcs if needed, see http://darcs.net/DarcsWiki/CategoryBinaries)
darcs get --partial http://zwiki.org/repos/ZWiki
cd ZWiki
echo "- Your Name <your@email>" >>CONTRIBUTORS.txt
darcs record -a -m"signed" CONTRIBUTORS.txt
(enter your name & email address again)
darcs send

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