Next generation GeneralDiscussion

I would like to improve the GeneralDiscussion of ZWiki.

New features:

Supporters: PieterB, ...

See also: ZwikiAndProjectManagement

FlorianKonnertz, 2002/10/19 19:24 GMT (via web):
Good idea! It becomes often very confusing to read GeneralDiscussion (not at last because of my various questions ;-)

I had once the idea of having radio buttons for targetting the entry in the AddCommentForm? to different sections of the page. See NooWiki:AddCommentForm

I really don't know if this would be a good idea. Surely it is not the most elegant solution... ;-) But it seems to be easy to realise. - FloK

2002/10/31 18:06 GMT (via web):
Three new idea's:

-- PieterB

2002/10/31 18:19 GMT (via web):
I just noted RSSDiscussion for RecentChanges?. Might use that for posts to GeneralDiscussion in future.

-- PieterB