This project aims to clarify the process for planning and documenting Zwiki enhancements and changes which are more than just a simple bugfix. This is one of the first tests of the new process.



in progress since 2006/3


  • get better visibility on proposed changes and ongoing work, more developer input, and more developer participation
  • document and establish a simple, useful process for this and use it routinely
  • document some of the current and pending projects and larger tasks within Zwiki development
  • explore the best use of ordinary wiki pages vs. IssueTracker pages for this.
  • clarify how SuggestionsAndComments and issue pages tie in
  • develop appropriate practices/conventions/templates to follow for tracking metadata (status, dates, people..), for formatting and layout, for naming and organization, archiving, etc.
  • Clarify wording to cover both "proposals" and "projects". Non-code projects like cleanup are included. Clarify when something deserves a proposal/projects page. Or do we need to separate these ?


The current suggested process is:

  • pages for proposals and projects are created under ZwikiProposals: "a place for developers to document and plan Zwiki changes." Note feature requests belong elsewhere (SuggestionsAndComments, IssueTracker, GeneralDiscussion).
  • simple WikiNames are preferred
  • pages could begin with a summary paragraph, useful for FrontPage and RecentChanges?
  • current status could be indicated somewhere
  • goals could be listed
  • you may want to draft these under SandBox, so that wiki subscribers will not see the earliest versions, then paste the text as a ZwikiProposals subtopic when it's ready. It would be nice to make this more convenient, eg adopting DraftSendsNoMail