Computer - I want you to be quiet. I need to concentrate.

I don't want to know I have mail, over and over. I know I have mail. I'll read it when I'm ready.

Stop telling me about all these miniscule changes, all the time. I want a weekly report of package changes, with each change listed once only. I want to hear if someone attempts to hack my system. And nothing else.

When we resume from standby mode, don't pretend you're awake then freeze and come back some time later. And don't fire up the screensaver in my face. And don't ever lock up entirely. Skip that whole routine. When I press that button I want to get going without any fuss.

Don't start running all that disk-chewing cron stuff in the morning when I'm trying to work.

We have an understanding about most of the windows. Now, please keep paying attention to my xresources and don't start ignoring them again without telling me.

When we go on the web, filter out the junk. Don't ever pop up windows I haven't asked for. Don't get confused about DNS all the time. And for god's sake give me some realistic font options.

Quit changing the rules. I have two overworked hands and limited time. Do whatever you have to do to give me clear, consistent and easy control over mouse, keyboard, window, desktop, dialogs, menus, cutting & pasting, drag & drop, scrolling, applications, etc.

And, unless you're decoding the human genome: don't make me wait.

Simplicity . Responsiveness. Ergonomics. No distractions.

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