Zwiki RSS support

As of Zwiki 0.37 or 0.38, two RSS feeds are built in: visit ANYPAGE/changes_rss and ANYPAGE/pages_rss . (Where you would of course replace ANYPAGE with the name of any existing page of the given wiki.) Examples:

The source code for these can be viewed at:

These feeds show changes or new pages for all of the wiki, regardless of which page you use in place of ANYPAGE in the address. "Per page feeds" should be possible, but are not implemented.

Feed validation status

The feeds validate to the RSS 2.0 standard starting from Zwiki version 0.59. See issues #1294 and #1083 for some historical details.

Bandwidth optimization

The Zwiki RSS feeds are currently not yet gzip compressed - unless a site goes all the way and implements gzip compression e.g. in apache with mod_gzip. Also by default they do not yet handle If-Modified-Since headers with 304 status code.

Gzip encoding is on the wishlist, as it saves a lot of bandwidth for busy sites. Starting with Zwiki version 0.59, the handling of If-Modified-Since headers is in the code, but not enabled by default, see HowToEnableConditionalHTTPGET304.


For a mostly historical discussion on RSS support in Zwiki see RSSDiscussion and RSSarchived.