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This is outdated almost throughout. Should we keep this for historical reasons or delete it?

Most history is on RSSDiscussion (was RSSFeeds). There John Greenaway, Jordan Carswell, Dean Goodmanson, Bill Seitz and I (SM) worked on various dtml method implementations in 2002-2003. See also the subtopics Rss2.xml and rss2.

On zopewiki we have some more recent versions done by me and Michael Haubenwallner: ZopeWiki:ZopeWikiRSS and ZopeWiki:ZopeWikiRSSedit . Each of these uses a dtml wiki page + a helper dtml method - useful for tweaking but cumbersome. See also Michael's RDF definitions at ZopeWiki:D2m/src . These provide dublin core info, where this should be used I'm not sure.

I have made new python script versions of the above and converted to RSS 2.0. (If you need to understand the RSS standards, wikipedia has the best info). I want to install the latest and greatest on the UbuntuWiki?,and here of course, and probably ship it with the product.

As of 0.37 or 0.38, RSS feeds are built in: visit ANYPAGE/changes_rss and ANYPAGE/pages_rss .

Known zwiki RSS feeds

for testing, etc...


We need to check all these with RSS reader(s), identify what rss/atom version they are, whether they're worth keeping, and give them good generic names. Naming convention ? I lean towards either pages_rss, edits_rss, ... or rss_pages, rss_edits... or rsspages, rssedits...

What is the ideal implementation of rss for zwiki pages ? A single chunk of dtml that can either be installed as a page, for tweakability, or as a dtml method, for non-tweakability, just like the other dtml features ? Rss2 seems to be a wiki page-only solution. Another option might be one or more python method(s) built in to the product. Python scripts are a good step in that direction.

So far we have done feeds of recent page creations and recently edited pages, both for a whole wiki. Per-page feeds are also a possibility. What things are useful to be offered as an rss stream ? Is it useful to combine page creations and edits ? Deletions ? This may relate to revamping RecentChanges?.

What level of RSS support should be provided out of the box ? Note some people find rss more useful than other options like mail subscription, as well as vice versa.

Which data should be html quoted ? When should it be enclosed in CDATA ?

How will we store a real change log, both for this and for recent changes ? Just querying existing pages isn't really good enough.


See RSSDiscussion, or update this document-mode page.