You can see recent changes hierarchically below a particular page as follows. **Make sure to copy from the edit screen instead of from the displayed page because [] stuff isn't displaying correctly.**

Add the following method to the ZWikiPage class:

    def get_flat_offspring_page_names(self, REQUEST=None):
        """Return a flat list of all my offspring page names."""
        myid =
        nesting = WikiNesting(self.aq_parent)
        return nesting.get_flat_offspring_page_names([myid])

Also add this method to the ZWikiPage class:
    def get_flat_offspring_pages_sorted_by_mod_time(self, REQUEST=None):
        """Return a flat list of all my offspring pages sorted by modification time."""
        pages = []
        for pname in self.get_flat_offspring_page_names():
        pages.sort(lambda p1, p2: cmp(p1.bobobase_modification_time().ISO(), p2.bobobase_modification_time().ISO()))
        return pages

Finally, add the following method to the WikiNesting? class:
    def get_flat_offspring_page_names(self, pages, did=None):
        """Return flat list showing all offspring of a list of wiki pagenames.
        did is used for recursion, to prune already elaborated pages."""
        if did is None: did = {}
        flat_list = []
        for p in pages:
            been_there = did.has_key(p)
            did[p] = None
            if not been_there:
                if self.childmap.has_key(p):
                    children = self.childmap[p]
                    if children:
                        for p2 in self.get_flat_offspring_page_names(children, did=did):
        return flat_list

Now you can set up a very simple RecentChangesBySubject? ZWikiPage as follows :
  <form method="GET" action="RecentChangesBySubject">
  Enter a page name to see all pages below it in the table of contents sorted by modification time.
  <b>Page:</b> <input name="subject" type="text" size="30">
  <input type="submit" name="submit" value="See Recent Changes">
  <dtml-if "_.has_key('subject')">
  <dtml-if "_.has_key(subject)">
  <dtml-var "subject"> pages, most recently changed first (you may bookmark this URL for future reference).<p>
  <dtml-call "REQUEST.set('the_page', _.getitem(subject))">
  <dtml-call "REQUEST.set('the_offspring_pages_sorted_by_mod_time', the_page.get_flat_offspring_pages_sorted_by_mod_time())">

  <table border="0">
  <tr><td><b>Page</b></td><td><b>Size</b></td><td><b>Last modified</b></td></tr>

  <dtml-in "the_offspring_pages_sorted_by_mod_time">
  [<dtml-var "_.getitem('sequence-item').id()">]
  </td><td align="right">
  <dtml-var "_.getitem('sequence-item').getSize()">
  <dtml-var "_.getitem('sequence-item').bobobase_modification_time()">
  <dtml-if sequence-end>
  <p>(<dtml-var sequence-number> pages)
  <dtml-if "subject != ''">
  There is no <dtml-var "subject"> page

You can put hyperinks to this page (with the appropriate parameter set) on the standard header by adding this code to standard_wiki_header:
   <p align="right"> <small>
      <a href="<dtml-var wiki_page_url>/map"> Entire table of contents</a>
      - <a href="<dtml-var wiki_page_url>/offspring"> <dtml-var id> contents</a>
      - <a href="&dtml-wiki_base_url;/RecentChangesBySubject?subject=<dtml-var id>"> <dtml-var id> Recent Changes</a>


Make sure that the created RecentChangesBySubject? page's page_type property is set to htmldtml -EdwardKreis

See also: ZwikiModification


Nifty --DeanG, Fri, 21 Nov 2003 13:20:13 -0800 reply
Is this still valid?

There are a number of angles here: A.:

  1. RC within this page and it's children
  2. RC within this page and it's subtopics (different than #1?)


  1. RC with a form add Catalog search on expr= , in this case Subject Feature = keyword, badge, category.