A notation for linking to pages on other wiki servers. Here's an example:


That is, two WikiNames separated by :, where the first is a local page containing the wiki badge RemoteWikiURL (and a base url), and the second is the target wiki page. For an example local page see WikiWikiWeb.

This scheme has become popular in wikidom, but most other implementations store urls in a centralized place like InterMapTxt. People also call these InterWiki links. They link to any kind of site though. They complement the more automated but harder-to-set-up SisterSites mechanism.

See also: WikiBadges, SubWikiLinking.


  1. Spaces are not allowed. Use URL escape characters such as %20 for space.
  2. FreeformLink limitations

    a. Second part cannot be a FreeformLink

    b. First part cannot be a FreeformLink with spaces

  3. Target identifiers must end in an alphanumeric or URL characters.
  4. Target must be 2 or more characters. (One character workaround: Add a / character, e.g.: ZWiki:1/)

Handy Alternative Uses:

  1. Lookup on pages with Anchors faq page lookup example goes here
  2. URL Query options leveraged insert dictionary.com lookup here


  1. Remember to put a trailing / on RemoteWikiURL descriptions (when using most common form)


I'd like to make these more versatile. There are some preliminary notes on NameSpaces. --SM

FlorianKonnertz, 2003/01/11 10:13 GMT (via web):

I don't know if i've already suggested this elsewhere: I want to have RemoteWikiLinkTags? to make it easier to group RemoteWikiLinks. For example: <MeatballWiki?> See also PageXY, PageYZ and the FrontPage </MeatballWiki?>

See also: ImplicitRemoteWikiLinks (unimplimented)