ZWiki:RemoteWikiLinks destinations are defined by a page containing the RemoteWikiURL keyword followed by the remote site's base URL on the same line. This also works as a ZWiki:WikiBadge. See the WikiWikiWeb page for an example.


I'm thinking I could simplify RemoteWikiLinks: instead of searching for the RemoteWikiURL keyword, I could just use the url on the first line, or the first url in the page.

I like the simplicity and readability that results. But, the keyword may have some advantages:

  • reminds people not to mess up the url
  • RemoteWikiURL's backlinks are a list of remote wikis that we know about, which is handy

    Comments ? --SimonMichael

    The backlinks are the decider for me: they make RemoteWikiURL a "meta-page" like Delete Me and Rename Me. --TresSeaver

    But the first URL in the page, man.. so simple.. so hassle-free. That keyword slows me down.. --SM

    But then again.. this page's backlink list is getting long now, and I appreciate it's accuracy. Without the keyword we would have to rely on optional wiki badges for this list. Or, some time-consuming site scan for regexps. --SM 20000514

    I like the way RemoteWikiURL works, but the restrictive nature of WikiNames are kinda biting me. I guess I'll just have to wait for RonDagostino's patch --GTK

    <later> I've got the patch and incorporated it into NooZWiki, of which I'll talk more later. --GTK

    This keyword appears in many non-remote-wiki pages also, ie in discussions etc., should there be a convention not to use it, but to talk about RemoteWikiLinks instead? - FloK,12-12