note: this is preliminary, minimally tested code. it's here right now just so folks can review the general concept. feedback appreciated. based on 0.23rc3.

modifications of ParentsSupport.context() and ParentsSupport.renderNesting() to move HTML into the page templates. instead of HTML, renderNestingX returns a list of dictionaries that describe the hierarchy of the nesting. each dictionary entry has a "type" element which is a string containing either "+", "=", or "-" for increment nesting, page node or decrement nesting. the type string may also have a "!" for the current page, and "." for a parent w/out children. page nodes also have "page", "href" and "name" elements which are used by the page templates to display the nesting hierarchy.

the logic in renderNestingX() and contextX() is basicly a direct translation of Simon's adapted to the scheme described above.

the changes to include logic to display the ancestry in the current page header as a single line of page names.

20 oct 2003

this work has been merged into WikipageX.