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Moreover, the intl_char_entities of the commented (r) (tm) should be escaped as \(r\) \(tm\) to be uncommented.

? investigate

Problems viewing the test report

Not zwiki-related, but how come the above always works in netscape, lynx and is almost always blank in konqueror, links ?

Could be caused by the (obviously wrong) Content-Length: 0 in the header.

that antidecapitationkludge just keeps coming back, doesn't it

structured text within html tags

The WikiForNow changes prevent wiki-linking within html tags, but they don't seem to prevent structured text formatting. This is a problem eg when you have a javascript code attribute containing single quotes, which stx converts to <CODE>.

This should all be reviewed in the light of stxng.

Underscore Rendering Problems

Odd problem. The underscores in zwiki_height and zwiki_width in UserOptions? render as <u> on my Zope 2.4.1 (for form field names, not cookie names).

This seems to only happen if you have 2 underscores together. ie test_this will render fine. test_this and test_this will render an underline between the 2 underscores. It happens in out-in-the-open text, and in tags (DHTM,HTML, etc) as well. Ah, having looked at some of the other problems in the GeneralProblems page, i wonder if this has to do with my running Zope 2.4.x Python 2.x and the (apparently) changed StructuredText formatting rules... If you want to use underscores in URL's, use the ASCII %5f to represent it. ie. test- JosYule

The solution to this problem is to edit the file (in the lib/python/StructuredText directory). Around line 925 you should find the def doc_underline function. The line:

 expr=re.compile(r'_([%s%s%s\s]+)_' % (letters, digits, under_punc)).search):

you want to change to:

 expr=re.compile(r'\b_([%s%s%s\s]+)_\b' % (letters, digits, under_punc)).search):

This will fix the underline rendering problems that are found on the UserOptions? page, as well as other underlining problems. JosYule Oct 28 2001

Simon Michael <>, Mon, 22 Oct 2001 17:55:14 +0100 (via mail):

forwarding this comment to RenderingProblems by changing the page in the subject. I'd like to see what happens with the attachment. Sorry about the experimentation Holger. :) --SM

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holger, 2001/10/22 09:47:16.9989 US/Pacific (via web):

Problem with link recognition. See [remote wiki links fail]? for detail.

That's just fine. If you give me a hint where to look for this [remote wiki links fail]? problem i try to fix it. Holger

Simon Michael <>, Sun, 28 Oct 2001 11:17:01 +0000 (via mail):
mailin is not updating the last editor username properly

Simon Michael <>, Sat, 10 Nov 2001 13:52:49 -0800 (via mail):
Hello Søren - thanks for this patch which you submitted some time ago, it seems like a good idea. I am forwarding to RenderingProblems. Regards --Simon

Søren Roug writes:
> Hello Simon,
> I just installed ZWiki 0.8.1, and proceeded to make my own skin in ZWikiWebs?
> by basically copying the standard_html_header to standard_wiki_header. When
> I tested it in Netscape I was unable to edit the pages. It turns out that
> the standard_wiki_header starts a table, which is closed in
> standard_wiki_footer, but in the methods editform and backlinks you don't
> call standard_wiki_footer, but instead just use and . Hence
> the table was not closed and Netscape didn't render it correctly.
> Then I tried to modify editform and backlinks to use standard_wiki_footer,
> but found out that there editform would then have a link to editform, so
> here is what I propose you implement:
> In the __call__ python method, instead of appending standard_wiki_footer
> in the end, append a DTML method called i.e. edit_page and then
> standard_wiki_footer. Then you can have a skin where
> standard_wiki_footer is just a .
> The edit_page DTML method would typicaly have this content:


> EditText
> (last edited
> Thu, 11 Mar 2010 07:09:38 -0800
> )

> UserOptions?
> --
> Sincerely yours/Med venlig hilsen
> Søren Roug <>
> European Environment Agency
> Kongens Nytorv 6
> Tel: +45 3336 7212 Fax: +45 3336 7199 ICQ: 13804170, 2001/11/20 04:35:53.1312 US/Pacific (via web): - 2001 11 20

Updating from ZOPE 2.4.0 to 2.4.3 I see the following:

Some "" and "" formating in ZWIKI are not displayed as Italic* or BOLD. Upgrading ZWIKI to last release doesn't solve the problem. Downgrading from ZOPE 2.4.3 to the old 2.4.0 SOLVES the problem and it's my temporal workaround.

If you need more info, email me. I don't check this page frequently.

we need more info. Post here or on GeneralDiscussion when you can - 2002-07-13