The term "roadmap" has two meanings in the wiki/software world:

1. a definitive overview and set of jumping-off points for a topic. Not unlike GuidePages or a TourBus?, except they link to content elsewhere. Cf WikiWikiWeb:RoadMap. On this wiki, ZWiki is a roadmap for Zwiki docs, and FrontPage is a roadmap for the whole wiki.

  1. a project's high-level plan for the future. This usage seems to be more standard. See the RoadMap2005.

Can we replace the first with a better term ?

Better term possibilities --TomCloyd, Wed, 03 Aug 2005 13:04:47 -0700 reply

MajorNode? (I like the literal correctness of this) | GuidePost? (almost a nice pun there) | LaunchingPoint? (Ummm)