mailto:Ron@ClubSheryl.Com (A Zope site hosted by CodeIt?). Also , which is virtually-hosted by CodeIt? on the same Zope server.

I found this ZWikiWeb? site from the WikiWikiWeb:WikiEngines page. ZWiki is what convinced me to use Zope.

Zope has a ton of potential, but it needs to mature in the area of documentation (boy, have I wasted a ton of time figuring stuff out). I wish there was an O'Reilly book with a big zope on the front cover (any idea what a zope looks like?) Is there a ZWiki available for Zope documentation on ZopeDotOrg?? The new hierarchy code would facilitate useful contributions.

The PythonUnit? testing framework software is available via the web site. PythonUnit? is a version of the unit testing framework outlined by KentBeck? and ErichGamma? in their "Test Infected", paper. It would be great to see ZWiki coded with PythonUnit? so the features would be obvious. Maybe once I've learned a bit more I would consider trying to do this...