Nickname Samotnik appeared in the late 2000, and became quite popular in Poland after I have built a kind of scientific library for public use - a low-tech site optimized for modem users. The library is still the only such project in Poland. Unfortunately, I have no time to cultivate and develop it (it takes thousands of working hours, and our public sponsors don't understand that it makes no sense to finance it with a single grant :( ).

I am not a programmer. My main occupation is management consulting, however actually I am deputy chief editor of the magazine for top management.

Actually, I am involved in a big project: joining people and organizations in Poland interested in Knowledge Management under the umberlla of Polish KM Forum. Leading experts in KM are also involved, and some top world IT companies declared to sponsor the project, which will be launched at autumn 2003 (correction - probably in January 2004; next correction - probably never). Now I and my friends are testing Plone portal for the Forum. I hope that there will be enough resources to finance also my first project (library).

Recently I'm thinking about using Zwiki to build a glossary of organisation techniques - a kind of inetractive manual for Industrial Engineering and Management Technologies.

The glossary similar to the one mentioned above is now developed in the Plone portal for managers and professionals, using partial "wikization" made of inetrmediary links. Working well.