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FlorianKonnertz, 2002/10/19 18:27 GMT (via web):

SearchDiscussion, Search features discussion:

  1. SearchResultPage?
    • Displaying context of the SearchWord? occurrences for each result - I'd really like to have this - FloK
    • Displaying number of occurrences of the SearchWord? on each page - I think this could be quite useful - FloK
  2. SearchForm?

2002/10/31 18:17 GMT (via web):
3. Search term highlighting (just like Google). To be controlled by an HTML-var (default true)

-- PieterB

2002/10/31 18:32 GMT (via web):
4. The number of hits should be written at the top of the Page

-- PieterB

DeanGoodmanson, 2002/12/11 04:03 GMT (via web):
this page is hit on a http://zwiki.org/search :-(

How much do these things matter?

Simon Michael, 2002/12/19 21:40 GMT (via mail):
zwiki@zwiki.org (DeanGoodmanson) writes:
> this page is hit on a http://zwiki.org/search :-(
> How much do these things matter?
> --
> forwarded from http://zwiki.org/SearchDiscussion

My two cents: I like the idea of obvious urls like http://zwiki.org/search , http://zwiki.org/faq , http://zwiki.org/help etc. taking you to the right place, especially if it can happen "naturally" through choice of page names. I could add explicit dtml methods but then it becomes harder to remember what's going on.

SearchDiscussion comes before SearchPage? alphabetically of course. One could call the page [Search], or put a suitable dtml redirect at that page.

DeanGoodmanson, 2002/12/19 22:58 GMT (via web):
fundamental pages

pages named well over dtml. :-) redirecting code on those pages seem appropriate.

Alternate titles might do, but that's an obscure practice measure.


plone quicksearch box -- Wed, 09 Nov 2005 09:44:08 -0800 reply
the plone quicksearch box gives you the normal cmf search results, which aren't good for a wiki (what, does wiki use non-standard indices? it seems so...) so here is how you modify it so it's really the wiki search when you're looking at a wiki page.

First, modify main_template so it calls what will be our modified global_searchbox thus:

    <div metal:use-macro="here/custom/global_searchbox/macros/quick_search">
        The quicksearch box, normally placed at the top right
        note the /custom in the path, to force it to use our custom macro
        don't know why you need it...

then modify global_searchbox so that the form tag is now thus:

    <form tal:condition="python: here.portal_type == 'Wiki Page'"
          tal:attributes="action string:${portal_url}/FrontPage/searchwiki" >
        <label for="searchGadget" class="hiddenStructure" i18n:translate="text_search">Search</label>
        <input id="searchGadget"
               i18n:attributes="alt accesskey title"
               tal:attributes="value request/expr|nothing;
                               tabindex tabindex/next" class="visibility:visible" />
        <input class="searchButton"
               tal:attributes="tabindex tabindex/next"
               i18n:attributes="value accesskey" />

.... you can see that we just switch to a different method, the proper one for wiki search...

plone quicksearch box --Simon Michael, Wed, 09 Nov 2005 09:50:36 -0800 reply
The plone search will search all wiki pages throughout the site; zwiki's search will search only in the current wiki (folder). You make the global search box do a local wiki search when viewing a wiki page, but I wonder if that's clear for users.