2000/10/04: yesterday I put ShieldsUp, but we are once again open for business! Let the wiki-ing resume !

I want to thank all of you who stepped in to defend the site yesterday, and those who sent email. The "pussyfix" edits were the work of one individual and I set things up to block edits from that ISP. An arms race is no solution but I hope this will be deterrent enough for now.

Also, for the moment I think I may leave one or two key pages in read-only mode, clearly flagged with the pink header/footer and a wiki badge.

It's tough for a small wiki to maintain its integrity during a storm of new users unfamiliar with the WikiWay?. We are still linked from a SlashDot article. I want to ask the community to continue to keep an eye on things now that the floodgates are open again. I will not put the ShieldsUp again if I can avoid it.

Let me know if you find any more notable pages in need of repair around the site. ThroughTheMagicOfZope? I could roll back the clock to yesterday morning, but I would rather preserve recent edits and move forward.

I'm a /.'er myself. Most are thoughtful people (gack what am I saying.. press on..) who will get wiki, and hopefully stay and lend a hand. --SM

  1. PST: no good, he's back. ShieldsUp again while I investigate :(
  2. ShieldsDown again. Further updates on FrontPage.