Welcome, slashdot !! No I mean it :)

It looks like zwikiweb was mentioned briefly this morning. Alas, one among you has been persistently overwriting the FrontPage with a redirect to porn (yawn). Others were doing a fine job in defense, yet to save us all some effort I have temporarily made most of the site read-only.

This is not the wiki way! but I want to keep an eye on things and I have run out of time for today. For more on this issue, see WikiVandalismDiscussion, SoftSecurity?, MeatballWiki:CommunitySolution, MeatballWiki:TechnologySolution

For the moment the only page you can edit is SandBox. (you may need to click Back twice quickly to escape the clutches of pussyfix.com, and go directly to the editform)

To read (yeuch) the rest of the site, start at FrontPage.

--SM 2000/10/03

Ah I see the link at last. In Publishing On Internet Patented the "wikiwikiweb" link points here! So this has been a genuine slashdotting, even though we are misidentified. WikiWikiWeb, we took a bullet for you!

2000/10/04: OK! ShieldsDown! We are once again open for business.

further updates on FrontPage