I am retiring SimonsLog2001 for the moment and returning to an open site log. It's append-only, most recent at the bottom, which should work better. Post here anything you think we the lusty zwiki.org crew should enjoy (by adding a comment to ShipsLog2001). --[Simon]?


And now for something completely different: ChatMode, ChatRoom


trying BookMarks? in the top header. What I'd like is for them to take their colour from the background like a chameleon so as not to stand out.

Simplified BookMarks? configuration, UserOptions?, FrontPage


Checking DaveNet? after a long absence, I found the usual interesting stuff, like this Douglass Rushkoff article :
"Here's how it works: Someone writes a business plan for a new kind of e-commerce company. That person finds "angel investors"-very in-the-know people who give him money to write a bigger business plan and hire a CEO. Then come the first and second rounds, where other, slightly less in-the-know people invest a few million more. Then come the institutional investors, who underwrite the now-infamous IPO. After that, at the bottom of the pyramid, come retail investors. That's you and me. We're supposed to log on to an e-trading site and invest our money, right when the investors at the top are executing their "exit strategy." That's another way of saying carpetbagging."

Catching up with StructuredTextNG, CMF, and CMFWiki


did some refactoring after looking at CMFWiki code. Split a bunch of things into separate modules & mixin classes.

Updating the zwiki test setup to work more like the CMF products'. Still coming to grips with the implications of zunit or not, coming in through zpublisher or accessing zodb directly, zeo, etc. Confusing stuff.

I want to get the tests passing again before uploading the latest code here. Without LaloMartins, how do I run the tests ? It seems as if a small ZWikiPage method which runs the test suite and prints the results would do, but I'm having problems. Looks like I'll need to set up ZEO.

ZWikiPage_icon.gif is broken as of 7/17/01 night!

Thx, fixed I believe.


Still working out an efficient setup for running the new tests. I tried ZEO. Great stuff of course, but make sure you hook up with the right version of code and docs (eg ZEO-cvs and David Shaw's howto ) to get started without too much pain.

Now I can start up a storage server (zctl.py start_zeo) and a debug client (zctl.py debug) which gives a python prompt, and run tests this way. Starting up the debug session is like a full zope startup, slow on my lowly laptop, but thanks to refresh I should be able to leave it open and re-run tests as I change code.

Another lightweight option just to run the tests is to add a special method to ZWikiPage which runs them. Tried this too.

Unfortunately, I'm seeing two problems

  1. the Zope.app() call which the new-style tests make to get a working context hangs after about seven calls
  2. I'm having inexplicable hassles with refresh not working, even back in my non-ZEO setup

Other options ? Make the tests LaloMartins-based again, and get LaloMartins 0.1 working the way I had it before. (Not 0.2, which has problems IIRC).

Tra la la. How could I be doing all this with less fuss ? Wait until we're all running in a big smalltalk image ?

OK, now it's becoming repettitive: ZWikiPage_icon.gif is broken upon adding a ZWiki Web. The problem reproduces as follows, I run Zope 2.4.0b3: Add a Zwiki web, select any, then go see it
icon broken. On my first try I fixed it by starting/ending and/or sticking and icon in the root folder, but a wrong one and I saw the right one -- mystery! Code shows the icon goes in /misc_, can't see that thing... So how do I get my icon back?

Me again (braver)... Sorry if this is an RTFM-type question, BUT I looked all around and can't find simple ways to change my Wiki page type. Also, most of the help pages in 0.9.3 are broken, wiki names lead nowhere. So the problem is like this: I created a classic wiki, I like simplicity of the interface. Then, I want to use Structured Text in pages, but their type is classicwiki, and that I found looking at properties. I installed the wiki but can't get any AdvancedEditOptions?! Where are they?

Also, is there a way to rename a page? I started to keep a blog with entry labels like DaY20010718?. Then I want to use just the date in square brackets
I need to rename a WIkiName?, how to do it? And why are all necessary editing options and properties recognized by ZWiki scattered around a number of threads here -- this is good for browsing, but not for learning a product!

Oops, I did it again: double dash is hardwired into a LatexWiki area of my mind...


Wiki sucks me, AlexyKhrabrov, in it with great suction capacity. Looked at UseModWiki, and it got some nice features missing in ZWiki, like diff. Also, I ponder whether keeping wiki as a mere subtree of plain files is a GoodThing?. Say you want to rename a WikiName. If there's no option to do it, you can unleash sed and perl on the poor little files. In Zope, which I just begin to reckon, everything is in a database, ne c'est pas?



I postponed adding news until I could decide whether general comments like the last two belonged here, or whether they should be moved to a more suitable page. I see this as news highlights, plus my ramblings - or is it a general discussion channel ? The latter may be useful, more so when mail integration arrives.

Anyway: spotted a prominent new zwiki site that's close to my heart - DebianWiki:FrontPage. Yay! Welcome debian cognoscenti. --SM

Checked big refactoring into cvs; tests still not usable. Installing here anyway, what the heck. More status at ToDo?.


tests all updated and passing again after much hard labour and confusion. I reverted to zunit 0.1 for running tests, and I notice much nicer streaming web output now - due to newer pyunit perhaps ? Have not replicated the effect on this server yet.

Please try out [zwikidir/releases/ZWiki-0.9.4pre1.tgz]? and confirm whether it works for you or not.


ok that's long enough. Like we have time for prereleases ? I don't think so. Please try out [zwikidir/releases/ZWiki-0.9.4.tgz]? ...

So this time I closed my eyes and typed:

   660:~/zwiki> make zdoreleaseall
   creating ZWiki-0.9.4.tgz product release on zope.org
   uploading ZWiki-0.9.4.tgz
   configuring ZWiki-0.9.4.tgz properties
   submitting ZWiki-0.9.4.tgz to the catalog
   creating ZWiki-0.9.4-released news item on zope.org
   configuring ZWiki-0.9.4-released properties
   submitting ZWiki-0.9.4-released to the catalog

Now that's an improvement. But why is that ? there ? Ok, tweaked the [zwikidir/Makefile]?'s changelog-splitting regexp. I'm not sure if the submit-to-catalog rules are working.

I am leaning towards the .zexp file as universal travel pod for zwikiwebs when they're not online. Several of these would be shipped in ZWiki/wikis/ and at product startup they would be automatically imported to /Control_Panel/Products/ZWiki. Do you see anything wrong with this plan ?


zwiki web creation and sample wikis have been integrated into the core product. See ZWikiWebs?, DoNe?, AutoImport?.

last editor username fixed

I have reached the Holy Grail! Real interactive zope debugging again - not yer watered down "import Zope" stuff, but the full live context, web objects in their natural habitat. It's pretty easy! Not like the old days.. why I remember.. well never mind. Put 'import pdb; pdb.set_trace()' in your code, start zope in debug mode (preferably via a no-args shell script invoked with M-x pdb in emacs), trigger the breakpoint with your web browser.

NB it's possible to get into a state where pdb alternates between two different contexts at each command. Haven't figured out the cause, or the best sequence of n/s/c/r commands.

Read the excellent ZDG chapter linked on ZopeDebugging for more. I wasn't aware of this. Doh.


Giving a talk on zwiki in Pasadena tonight. Heh, heh, heh. Come on over if you are in the area. See http://lazug.org.


The talk went well, I think. Thanks to all my willing LaZug? victims. And to Ars Digita for a good venue. I was able to walk in (late) with zero equipment and do live web-based stuff with overhead projection. I demoed a good amount of functionality. About half the room had never heard of wiki (but have now been infected :).

Not much ToDo? progress lately; I have been stuck on writing those zcatalog tests. After reading a bunch more XP stuff I see that I need to work in much smaller chunks of functionality to get that virtuous 1-5 minute(!) test-code-refactor cycle going. I'm not sure if that's really feasible when developing a zope product though. I'd like it to be. Any thoughts ?

I converted a small static client website to htmldtml zwiki pages with no header/footer showing, in order to (a) support dynamic content, (b) make it possible for them (the client) to do basic edits, and (c) simplify my maintenance tasks. No more local/remote copies, obscure file folders, ftp uploads etc. The site's public pages are actually part of a larger private wiki where site administrators can collaborate and develop content. This is a useful setup, I think.


I think the time has come for - yes - a zwiki mailing list. The suggestionscomments, *problems and installation traffic could use it. Also it will be useful for zwiki-mail experiments.

Where ? It would be SourceForge?, except for their warning - "Once created, this list will ALWAYS be attached to your project and cannot be deleted!" . That's no good. The next best option I know of is yahoogroups, though I'll need to get rid of the ads. This may be a temporary home, but to get things rolling: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/zwiki-users

Ack! Can't you pay to turn off the ads any more ? If not this will be extremely temporary.


front page was broken for a bit.. GeneralProblems has the details

This just in from one of my roving zwiki operatives! (near Telluride)


Not much happening at zwiki central lately. I have been squeaking again. SqueakRoadmap?.

Fixed the file upload permission on this site. You may run into the same problem. (There used to be two similarly named permissions and I backed the wrong one). ChangeLog?:

SearchPage? refinements


I am in Ireland attending to family business. Gripping events in the real world lately. I hope none of you lost a friend or relative.

I noticed the front page vandalised yesterday and was too busy to work on it - how wonderful to log in tonight and find it fixed. Thanks to Amos Gingerich, Matt Emmett and all others who have been doing cleanup.



Aah! A lovely soggy rainy day.

I have not been keeping up with private zwiki mail lately. I set up two public mail lists a while back (yahoogroups & freelists) but today I'm thinking we might get by with a lightweight WikiMail pseudo-list. Let's find out. Join me on ZWikiDiscussion?.


could do with a header/footer facelift. I turned off the search box & quote by default & removed bookmarks from the top.

did a 60-day zodb pack (60Mb -> 20Mb)

checked the latest code in to cvs. Sourceforge cvs has started hassling me for passwords again and I can't seem to fix it.

updated the SiteStats, for what they're worth.. some robots still coming in despite robots.txt and skewing the numbers.


put a ZWikiDiscussion? sidebar up on FrontPage. I will try posting ShipsLog2001-type news over there, for ease of subscription. News continues over on ZWikiDiscussion200110.