Your friendly site admin and ZWiki author. See , WikiWikiWeb:SimonMichael .

Contacting me

What I'm doing

I'm a consultant, developer and sysadmin, currently doing zope, zwiki, plone, debian, squeak.. I do business as Joyful Systems .

I'm the lead ZWiki developer, working on it when I can; SimonsPlan2004 is my current zwiki work plan, updated now and then. I also run this server, write and do cleanup around the place.

Do you like what's going on here ? If you wish to encourage this work in a direct financial way, go now to ZwikiFunding. It will be gratefully received and put to work. Thank you!

Other projects

I ported the fit test framework to python. See ZwikiAndFit or FitWiki:PythonPlatform.

I have a secret half-finished python port of frozen bubble ! which I may as well reveal here and now. Last I remember I was stuck persuading pygame/sdl to make a transparent bitmap. Bubbles bounced and stuck nicely.

I've posted some small enhancements for SqueakSmalltalk? - project navigation gestures, a more reliable project loading progress bar, minor bugfixes. One of these has made it into the update stream.