Year-end mail catchup. I did it! my inbox is empty. Just in the nick of time.

Added to contrib: code from DylanJay? (per-wiki regexps) and BrunoVernier (latex/sql/python markup, education-oriented features).

Thank you all for the bug reports, feedback and code; I will review/integrate/steal as soon as time allows.



cleaned up again after tba81.wsga.net (also coming in through anonymizer.com). Updated BlockList. Changed the javascript-disabling code to leave a visible marker.

Did some work recently on page deletion - another personal itch. How should this work ? I'm not sure. I couldn't figure out how to use WikiWikiWeb's implementation.

Current setup: when you put "DeleteMe" as the first thing on a page, it gets moved to an "attic" subfolder, and you are redirected to the parent or front page. See DeleteMe for more.


In Ireland for the next 2.5 months. It's drizzling and quiet here - great for computer work.

I flew with Virgin. They are good at creating the customer experience; here's two examples. My tickets came in a plain bright red folder, bearing the word "tickets" in large letters. On the flight itself the headsets were left behind, and we received immediate reparation of 20% discount off our next flight (now, hard cash would have rocked).

Read about WikiNG? and a bunch of other zope.org stuff on the flight.

Partly because finding/tracking/posting on the wikis over there is too much work, I am really keen to get past the wiki/mailing list split. I think it can work this way:

This site's write protection on FrontPage & FrontPageSimple? has been bugging me and I've removed it. Hooray! Welcome back, WikiNature?.

We don't yet have EditThrottling, but we do have easy restore from history, ip address listed in RecentChanges?, and plenty of crack defensive troops. If you see abuses, please mail me. One more step that would be useful is to have some volunteers besides myself who can edit the BlockList. Comments?

ReParent?: is someone making these weird reparents - eg FrontPageSimple? -> (FrontPageSimple?, FrontPage, AboutThisSite) - or does something else cause them ?

Made reparent and http PUT record the username/ip address.

did some refactoring of the ZwikiProblems pages.


all tests are green! may as well try a release. Please report any problems with http://zwiki.org/zwikidir/releases/ZWiki-0.8.0rc1.tgz . ChangeLog?.


cvs updates:

bugreports are welcome.


Anyone (except for the BlockList) can restore from this site's page history now. This should make repairs much easier.

My concentration for zwiki development comes in cycles. I have yet to come to grips with the WikiForNow updates. My apologies to anyone waiting for an email response from me. I'm preparing to move my base of operations to Ireland for 2.5 months. My plan is to get back in time for the Python conference.

I used it to good effect in a consulting job recently. QueryCsv? is a support method for looking up values in csv data. A zwiki page containing a CSV table makes a micro-db that's easy to administer & work with. It's almost editable with MS Excel via ftp - I'd like to get this working.

Pasted a few ZwikiAndPTK? notes - you may find these useful if you're combining the two.


More UserOptions? and header tweaks.

discovered DocTest? and hacked it into TestsPy?

log & server maintenance

uploaded Ken's updates to http://zwiki.org/zwikidir/contrib


  1. PST: we have been visited by another WikiVandal? - I am investigating. While downloading the logs I screwed up with sitecopy and wiped some server files. Bear with me..

I ended up packing the db, so page histories have been truncated to 7 days. The unpacked db goes back a month or two; I don't think I need to keep it.

1615: it looks like an ip address from the same ISP as last time, so the BlockList should have stopped it, but something's not working right. Why am I sometimes seeing the wrong REMOTE_ADDR, eg at TestPage.

1730: My ip-blocking SiteAccessRule? had stopped working. Trying to recreate it in the zwiki folder, I got AttributeError string object has no attribute name. I was able to clear this by visiting http://joyful.com/zwiki/manage_addProduct/SiteAccess/manage_addAccessRule?submit=none .

The bogus REMOTE_ADDR was being sent by my netscape for reasons unknown. We save IP address of the last editor by default now.

It's clear that EditThrottling would be nice, to make widespread vandalism a little harder.

Various ways to repair vandalism on a zwiki site -

Is there any reason I shouldn't allow everyone to restore from page history ?


I noticed that the contents link doesn't scroll to the current page in IE - can someone confirm ?

Documented a few common WikiConventions. Started a PeopleIndex.

UserOptions? and page header tweaks:

Yet another tweak to view_source, which is harder to get right than you'd think. Some updates and cleanups to problems pages and other content.


Haven't spent too much time on zwiki lately - had to go make some money instead. Today I checked in support for LaloMartins, and ZWiki's first unit tests. Also, I've received a large number of interesting enhancements from KenManheimer. Oh, I've been exploring ZwikiAndPTK? integration too. I'll be adding a sample wiki that displays nicely inside a PTK DemoPortal?, similar to the wikis on zope.org.

Check out the interesting thread on ZWiki & ZoPe in comp.lang.python. I may get to jump in later.


stopped hiding the editform on write-protected pages; made it's header/footer indicate permission by color like the rest of the site. (Is this reliable in IE ?)

renamed FrontPageNews? to clarify who's soapbox it is

exposed zope's history tab, at last. This is cool. Now we need a pretty diff printer.

RecentChanges? tweaks; distinguish ReParent?'s from edits.

started a ZopeRoadMap?, so I can figure out what's on zope.org ;). Reparented a bunch of zope pages.

UserOptionsDiscussion: I put "set cookies" first and added tabindex attributes. Now, tab will step through the form elements first. In IE, pressing enter will do the right thing. Added a tabindex to the jumpsearch field too, so on all pages a single (mozilla) or double (IE) tab will take you there.

I set up a zope.org-like view_source method a while back, for checking out this site's so-lovely dtml methods. Added a fix for IE today.


ZWiki-0.7.1 released, and recommended.


Aha. DTMLDocument's call to decapitate() is at the root of all this wickedness. The original (pre-0.7.0) problem was this: in dtml modes, initial lines containing : followed by a blank line were not rendered (because they were considered to be http headers by DTMLDocument).

The symptoms of my interim fix in 0.7.0 were this: ^M's appeared at the beginning of pages and blank lines sometimes got eaten.

Lord have mercy. Classic wrong-state-of-mind debugging. I think the evil has been contained. It's running here and available in http://zwiki.org/zwikidir/releases/ZWiki-0.7.1rc4.tgz, please try it out.


There is a bug involving line-endings. If you can see the right way to handle these, please let me know.

added HowToDebugZopeInEmacs?, ZopeDebuggingRoadmap?. I'm looking for a way to invoke ZServer? which will allow interactive debugging.

FrontPage tweaks.


no loud complaints, so.. out she goes! http://zope.org/Members/simon/ZWiki . Good luck, little product.


I have uploaded a release candidate: http://zwiki.org/zwikidir/releases/ZWiki-0.7.0.tgz ("Halloween!"). Please hammer on it if you can - tomorrow is an auspicious date for release!

earlier: still fixing bugs. Had a strange one just now - the & in ZWikiProduct?'s link to date-sorted cvs was coming back in the location field as &. Compared this with the one on UseModWiki, stared at it, could not figure out if it was my problem or theirs. In the middle of this the sourceforge urls seem to have changed, no longer needing a &. That's.. good, I think. Spooky.

Fixed the problem accessing subdirectories of zwikidir


bugfixes, process engineering. All work to date is in cvs. I set up a /view_source method similar to zope.org's. You can use this to check what my dtml methods are doing.

Great News! GvR? and the python team are joining DC.

Speaking of licensing.. removed the "and contributors" from the copyright. Call me paranoid, but let's not be ambiguous.


UserOptions?! Thanks to PhilArmstrong for the cookie code.

wrt the frontpage, can u at least have some section (a quarter of the page), which displays the content of an alternative page, such as FrontPageGeneral?... which can then be edited by normal users? --tav

my intention is to re-open FrontPage for community content in some way. Things are quiet and we have a simple-minded javascript neutralizer, so for now I've just done what you suggest. --SM

worked on a more streamlined context-displaying header.

look at all those poor singletons. Reparent one today.

made AnnoyingQuote auto-link; made blank search expression list all pages; tweaked RecentChanges? for speed & username display

checked the latest python code and ZWikiWebs?.zexp into cvs. Today's dtml changes have yet to be added to the latter.


from ZWikiDotOrg?: *Well I notice http://zwiki.org is working now. Yehoo! I'm almost sure it's time for a grand renaming: ZWikiWeb? -> zwiki.org. All opposed, say "innercontainmentacquisitioncontexttransactionmethod" ?*


zwiki 0.7 - the Release That Wouldn't. Beneath the surface, though, things are moving in the right direction. There's a fair few new quirks to test & polish. All feedback on the cvs code is still welcome.

I squashed the ZWikiWebs? maintenance issue at last by moving the master files out to my local fs, where I can use tags, symlinks, etc. I have a make + sitecopy setup that moves the content in and out of zope easily. It's worth a HowTo? later, I think.

Personally, if the front-page write restrictions were removed I'm not sure I'd ever visit ZWiki from my workplace PC. --CliffordAdams, on WriteRestrictionsHarmful?

the strange thing about wiki obsession is the force with which it affects you. within a week of discovering the wiki, we had started overhauling esp's (the company i work for) extranet system, and two weeks later, all of our websites were being changed over to a wiki back-end. --tav

I want to do something different with the FrontPage. Not sure what yet.


Upgraded this site to zope 2.2.2 - thanks Nick. There are exactly 800 pages in zwikiweb today. How do they break down in terms of content, I wonder ?

After installing the latest zwiki I'll delete all zero-length pages and the DeleteMe's and begin a bit of gentle cleanup of test pages and the like.

Are WriteRestrictionsHarmful? ?

Upgrading zwiki, dtml, siteaccess, localfs, etc.. pardon the breakages. Now this site is once again running the latest & greatest. I heard of a few issues with same, which I'm going to investigate. See ZWikiTodo for the real status.

I don't care, we now have late page creation and I can finally clean out all spurious zero-length pages. This brought the total down from 800 to 571. Removed most pages marked with Delete Me (another 20).

Purged old dtml header/footers; page creation, backlinks still broken. A nice mess, and I have to run. Drat. Will fix up later.

Done; I have made most of the parenting stuff visible. Could be interesting.

Fixed UseModWiki remote links.

Fixed a case where search would fail, eg from backlinks.


Wow, thanks tav. Slick. Care to add some technical details on ZwikiDotOrg? ?

It's a crazy week here at Joyful Towers. More progress in a couple of days.


Sorted out my problems with efs, the lack of which made mass edits of zope content way too painful. In short, woody's new libc is buggy and I patched the ftp client to work around. Now I can edit dtml methods in emacs again.

I also set up a mouse, new kinesis (maxim) keyboard and foot pedal to replace my old laptop keyboard/touchpad. I'm liking these a lot.

The site has been quiet, nay comatose, since the slashdot story faded. I think the primary spammer packed it in, my IP-based filters may be helping too. I'll put up some traffic stats when time allows.

I notice Dave Winer is now calling RadioUserland? an Internet Outliner (much better) and has released WYSIWYG editing based on that IE widget. I haven't seen this used with a wiki yet, have you ?


ooh! mozilla is looking nice. I found an apt source for debian woody (deb http://galeon.sourceforge.net/nightly/debian galeoncvsm18/) which takes away all installation pain. But is it usable for editing wiki pages yet ? hmm, I got stuck in an editform but it seems ok now. It is a more civilized app than NS4.7 in every way. Could this be the day it sticks in my toolbox !?


all quiet today.


20:45 spammed again, about 30 pages. Fixed, blocked. Also we disable <script> tags now.

11:50 received an apparent apology and promise to cease from the spammer:

'I was told it was a friend of mine named simons site and we were pestering him i did not know it was someone else he pussyfix stuff will stop we called him and asked him how did he like the spam and when he said what spam and it was not his site we about died.
again we are sorry'

This is good news, if it lasts. We are open for edits again, excepting one or two key pages. See ShieldsDown, WikiBadges.

11:15 We are being pestered by a PersistentVandal? - see ShieldsUp, ShieldsDown, etc. Sorry for the disruption. View the site in read-only mode, or try out editing in the SandBox.

Don't worry, zwikiweb will be back in full effect - I'll hand out logins if I have to, but I think we can do better. Working solutions gladly accepted. I'm going to rotate the access logs today to make them easier to work with. Sometimes this leads to a brief site outage.

early, PST: Installed a siteaccess rule to block certain IP addresses. This seems to work and I let the ShieldsDown, but had to throw them back up again within a few minutes - he was probably on another ISP.

Incidentally, I want to say thank you for SiteAccess?, zope's mod_rewrite. Every time I need it I'm reminded what a truly valuable little product it is.



hordes of happy slashdotters show up, including one who repeatedly replaces the front page with a javascript redirect to a porn site. The community rallies superbly! I want to thank ScottMoonen, SunirShah, and all you others.

I stroll in a few hours later, struggle to get a grip on things and finally throw the ShieldsUp. [TTMOZ]?.

I don't think traffic was a problem - it will be interesting to see some stats later.


ZWikiWeb? gets linked on SlashDot (misidentified as wikiwikiweb). Yikes!


Yow, there goes sunday. Good progress though, it's feeling solid. Squashed the "with this" bug!

As expected, updating the sample wikis absorbs an amazing amount of time (even more so because efs is fighting with zope and actually crashing xemacs). The hardest part is done, just need to mirror the latest dtml into four places. Once I get them in shape for this release I will try to stay clear.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback on the latest CVS version before I do a release.


Found a solution which I like; just cleanups remaining. Now I must be off to split wood in the open air, and a darn good thing too.


more code updates, + still more thinking about & testing out how various things work in the 2.2 security environment. Makes your head spin but it's true what they say - zope is way ahead in dealing with this stuff seriously.

pretty close to being able to do a release now. The main thing remaining is to update/prune zwiki_examples. The acquisition path tricks there won't work so well now, and all those objects & their content require too much maintenance as zwiki changes. The "zwikiweb" product has the same issue, and the two overlap. I'd like to find a better way to provide/maintain example content & ready-made wikis. How can we minimize maintainer effort and maximize user convenience ?


checked in some updates to cvs - a fix for wiki_page_url, looser remote links, 2.2-style product initialization, and removed the run-DTML-as-anonymous hack. I believe and hope it will fail to run on anything less than 2.2 now.

Problem - so I can't install it here until CodeIt? upgrades to 2.2. Niiiiiick...


Hooray! another niggling bug, a pest, a thorn in my side, squashed. SourceForge?'s cvsweb can now browse revisions < 1.0.

Found another minor problem: tags for revisions <1.0 are not displayed. Notified developer. I am obviously the only hacker in the world foolish enough to start my revisions at 0.1.


new wiki badge: Update Me

many don't know it, but I have a SecretWeapon which even in it's half-finished state is turning out to be really useful for wiki editing


FrontPage speedup! That's more like it. Also see FrontPageSimple?. At >700 pages, the dynamic hot topics list has become sluggish and I have moved it to WikiBadges.

refactored & updated: ZWikiTodo, ZWikiTodoDiscussion?

updated ZWikiProduct? links & uploaded all patches which I have received to date. If you didn't want your patch published, let me know and I'll delete it - thanks.


Commenting on FrontPageNews? may sometimes be desirable, and I have backed out the write protection which prevented this. Perhaps it should simply be a communal page like any other, I'm undecided.

I spent today getting a handle on the latest ZWikiContributors? & ZwikiModification(s). Lots of great work going on out there, check it out.

WikiWikiWeb has passed 12000 pages and is still thriving. It encounters most kinds of wiki phenomena before we do here. Excellent discussion over on WikiWikiWeb:IsChristianityOnTopic, WikiWikiWeb:WikiWhining, WikiWikiWeb:AppropriateWikiTopics, WikiWikiWeb:WikiHistory...


I'm back in the US. Hellooooo DSL!!! :-)

restored FrontPage after a DestructiveEdit?.


joyful.com went down while I was on vacation ("exceptions.ImportError? Could not lock the database file. There must be another process that has opened the file."). Sorry about the outage, if you know the cause please add to CodeitNotes?.


Hello all, and welcome to the monthly(!) zwikiweb update. I will skip the standard blather about pressure of work.. bills.. apologies for long absence, email silence, etc etc. You know that story.

I'm in Ireland. This is good. This is refreshing and calms the mind. Next update will be in two weeks, after an even more refreshing offline vacation with family.

The most urgent order of business: hey all, JohnDeBruynIsAGoodGuy?. Please read.


revisited sourceforge.. disabled most features for simplicity, resubmitted cvsweb patch to permit zwiki CVS browsing.

working on adapting zwiki to the new 2.2 security model.


ack! tripped at the last hurdle. killed the site by rotating the logfiles. zwikiweb got the night off.


restored HowDoIEdit?

zwikiweb has been upgraded to 2.1.5, packed, and timestamps are now correct! yay! Many thanks to Nick at CodeIt?.


Soliciting discussion of and suggestions for dealing with the issue of WikiVandalismDiscussion.

<-- SWITCH!!! -->


back after a whole month away from this site.. this real life business is distracting, isn't it ?

thanks for all comments & email, catching up..

restored DeleteMe, CodeitNotes?, took care of some pending deletes

zwiki mailing list ? I'm getting a steady trickle of private mail, interesting comments & patches, all of which would benefit the community but currently end up mouldering in my mail archives. I'm thinking of activating the zwiki mailing list at sourceforge, as a repository for the above and perhaps a testbed for mailing-list/zwikiweb integration. On the other hand I'm against too much fragmentation of our discussions - things are bad enough already! - and I like to use the zope list where possible. Thoughts ?

childish graffiti in FrontPageNews?! Urk! removed anonymous write permission on that page, and the help page while I'm at it. The wiki-meter has declined a notch. :(


done: I want to put news on a simpler FrontPageNews? page and include that page in FrontPage. An example of how to embed one zwiki page within another, if DTML is enabled.

Working my way through the RecentChanges?. Zwikiweb passed 500 pages a while back and zope/zwiki/python is still performing fine with the simple BruteForce? approach. It's scaling better than I am, as zwiki blows up beyond my immediate ability to keep up. One plus: latest cvs version is available from a ZwikiSourceforgeProject?.

Here's a mini roundup of current zwiki action that I'm aware of:

JimFulton: *"the ability to browse a pages history. This is nearly done. I've added a History tab to DTMLMethods? (and therefore DTMLDocuments? and ZWiki pages) for Zope 2.2"* and lots of other good stuff, check out his page.

More discussion of the important PageVersionFeature

GeoffGardiner: *"I've extended ZWiki with a simple managed_mode to enable more controlled distributed authoring. Managed_mode slightly subverts Wiki philosophy by restricting full page-changing to ZWiki managers and the last non-Anonymous author, unless that author deliberately rescinds ownership rights. Others may only append to a page. All entries are automatically signed. Managed_mode also gives you a simple approval process. See ManagedMode for details." Now updated to version mm3 with Zope 2.2.0, and ability to inline graphics.*

DinuGherman was working on ZwikiToPDF

Also, discussion of a more advanced ZWikiPermissionsModel, WikiStructuringIdeas and WikiPaths

RonDagostino is working on an advanced wiki engine with integral unit tests and other features. Current goals include: "1) XML document is the underlying storage format 2) configurable markup when you edit 3) Gnutella-style searching over the entire network 4) a table of contents hierarchy like what Ken did for ZWiki 5) versioning of pages and history log to support distributed administration (i.e. no requests for an admin to restore anything) 6) subscriptions for email notifications of changes"

He has also implemented a DeletePageFeature.. and a RecentChangesBySubject? feature.. and.. (damn, Ron! :) he sent me a patch for a really permissive WikiName strategy: *"1) A WikiName is anything that is capitalized (i.e. no requirement for a second capital letter at all), except: 2) All uppercase words (e.g. NY, USA, IBM, etc.) and words with just the first letter capitalized (e.g. France, Edgartown, etc.) are treated specially in that the hyperlinked question mark does not automatically appear when a page with that name does not yet exist. Use the square brackets to force the appearance of the hyperlinked question mark, click on it to create the page, and then you don't need the square brackets anymore for that page name."* The rules are less simple but it sounds darned useful and I want to try it. Funny capitalization creates its own complexity after all.

Uh, anyone want to tell us where to find the patch? I'm having trouble finding it. --GTK

Somebody wrote: *"This is fun. Somebody found this link with Metacrawler and he added some news. I Hope it's a demo otherwise you all should upgrade to 0.7.0 :)"* I wouldn't call this FrontPageNews?, but thanks for the help :) --SM


If any Gnome, Helix or Sawfish developers pass this way: thank you. This is a truly nice linux desktop gui.

Observe.. nothing up my sleeve.. I can't ftp here, but M-x zwiki-browse-page FrontPage and I can edit in emacs. Authentication even works, thank you Mr. Perry. Temporary hack to get both html and wiki codes highlighted: M-x html-mode, M-x font-lock-mode, M-x zwiki-mode.

I've added some belated commentary on the 0.6 release below. First I think I'd better issue a SecurityAlertForZeroPointSix. I hope I got this right, because I'll be offline for the next three days. Back on sunday.

And here are those ReleaseNotesForZeroPointSix, also moved to a separate page.

** lots of mail and unanswered ZwikiProblems, which I will address shortly. I now have usable emacs editing and DSL, which should help. If you see a question you can answer, don't be shy, your help is welcome.

** zwiki-mode updates; testing http-save from emacs

** EmacsAndWiki: "zwiki-mode knows about the safetybelt timestamp which is embedded in a zwiki page when accessed via ftp; it hides and keeps it current. Wikinames and urls are highlighted and a triple-click follows the link."

** sorry for the deafening silence, zwiki-fans. I'm paying the bills and meanwhile gathering whiteboards-full of stuff to put up here. But here's a rant that won't be denied: QuietComputing


  • ZWiki 0.6.1 released and announced. Here is the ChangeLog? and the new zwiki_examples

    There is a new safety feature and a consequence which weren't too well documented: "as of the 0.6 release, when a zwiki page is rendered, any embedded DTML runs with permissions equivalent to Anonymous. This is a safety feature. As a result, now the Anonymous role must have access contents information permission on the folder for RecentChanges?/JumpSearch?/SearchPage? to work, regardless of who you are logged in as."

  • unrelated topic: EmacsAndWiki


  • On ZwikiProblems, re permission problems with recentchanges etc.:

    I believe this is caused ... by the fact that RecentChanges? and similar pages require the Access contents information permission to do their work. ... I think this is reasonable, so I have documented it in zwiki_examples/index_html.

    Comments ? --SM

  • I have added the hot topics list to the front page. Pages with the hottopic wikibadge are listed automatically.

  • is it my imagination or is this page too slow ?

  • eureka! why not automatically delete 0-length pages ? ack, too dangerous.

    ** Zwiki 0.6 has been installed and ... released ! Lots of work. There are some cool enhancements from DC. For now here is the ChangeLog? and the new zwiki_examples

    I'll do a zope.org/zope-announce post later. If you find any showstoppers I'd appreciate an email.

    there's one - see ZwikiProblems

    ** Thanks for the above (Gandhi) quote, a comfort during periods of wiki backlog :)

    ** Wrestled my debian/xemacs/pcl-cvs setup into order today. A little zwiki hacking too (ZWikiTest?).

    ** WikiStructuringIdeas is a Hot Topic I think

    ** HighlyAvailableZopeWiki:FrontPage

    there's a bugfix for editform_advanced's default page type on SuggestionsAndComments

    Tip: I think [square brackets] are a common convention for indicating editorial changes. To prevent zwiki from turning them into a hyperlink, prepend the WikilinkEscape?.

    updated RecentChangesElsewhere

    two emacs wiki modes: WikiWikiWeb:WikiMode for local disk-based wikis, WikiWikiWeb:WikiModeCode for assisting w3 with the WikiWikiWeb. These sound useful. Emacs hackers, please report any successes.

    Added some evil dtml to Delete Me for site admin convenience

    ** caught up with the SuggestionsAndComments

    for editing wiki pages, netscape 6 seems more stable and faster than 4.72. GO mozilla! nearly there. links is fast but I couldn't get up-to-date textarea contents

    Several useful new wikis have been seeded at DC:
    MichelPWiki:FrontPage (I like it :)

    Where will it all end ? I wouldn't blame skeptics for thinking WikiFever? is some kind of dangerous mental affliction. But no, it's useful, you'll like it, really..

    ** ohhh.. can't take much more of this netscape textarea.. give me something, anything, better..

    I responded to the pending ZwikiProblems

    I might start some cleanup of the many test pages round here, to raise the signal-noise ratio.. feel free to help out (by splashing Delete Me(s) around)

    PS there's nothing wrong with making test pages, this is just consensual cleanup

    * Hi Zwikiists & Zopistas. I admit it, I've been back a few days but attending to other things. It's good to be back, to catch up with the news in zopeland, and it's pretty darn cool* to see zwikis sprouting on zope.org!

    Before going any further I wanted to finish a streamlined set of default pages & methods and disable the experimental catalog support in order to release ZWiki 0.5 "Simple". Hopefully this one is immediately usable out of the box, with or without importing zwiki.zexp.

    Next I'll surf around the site and respond to those good comments that I see in various places.

    The cycling trip: I took a train from LA to San Diego, met a friend there and together we cycled to La Paz at the southern end of Baja California. Two more joined us at the half-way point, Guerrero Negro, where the grey whales are playing as we speak.

    That's just over 1000 miles, I'd like to point out. The trip took four weeks, averaging about 50 miles a day and resting on weekends. Sort of. Mexico! The desert! Stars! Que hermoso!

    ** The cycling trip went very well. Hello from La Paz :)

    Thanks for the suggestions & problem reports over the last month. I should be home in a few days. Halllooooooo *
    --SM, "Web Site" internet cafe, La Paz*

    * Zwiki-ers - I'm going on a long bike/camping trip in a day or so - far from all electrical gadgets* - I'll be back online in a month's time.

    And just when things are heating up round here. Try not to break anything too badly :)

    I'm delighted that DigitalCreationsLovesZWiki. now we're suckin' diesel! :)


    • zwiki 0.4 ("Valentine") released. This bundles the functionality that's been running here for a while; also the code and regexps are cleaner, and it's easy to add or tune your own markup modes now. Wiki-linking in the default modes should be a little smarter and more flexible. (ChangeLog?)
    • made this site structuredtextdtml-only for simplicity. Let's see how it works out.
      actually I have just removed the page type selector from the default edit form, to be exact

    ** Well 2000 started off with a bang. I'm enjoying this new millennium, hope you are too. Demands of work have kept me away from zwiki - keeping up with the zope mailing lists too, for that matter - but I'm ready to start with a few little updates here.. softly, softly..

    Next steps ?

    • ZWikiWeb? front page -- I feel like making this front page into a bit of a web log. Yes yes, another one. I'd like to have this one simple place to put news updates instead of having it scattered around on different pages. This page's WikiNature? might suffer a bit, sorry. Or maybe it won't, let's see.
    • ZWikiWeb? page formats -- as mentioned on JimFulton, I think I might try making this site structured-text only. I wonder how people feel about that.
    • the ZWikiProduct? - need to clean up & release the current development version as 0.0.4
    • my personal top wishlist items as a zwiki user:
      1. display what's changed on a page, with color-coding. Full revision history would be nice too.
      2. email notification of changes to a page
      3. the ability to directly edit the text you are reading. Reloading is a pain. This depends on mozilla/ZIE work or at least ftp access so I could use emacs. related: WikiWikiWeb:InstantWiki, WikiWikiWeb:WysiwygWiki, PalmWiki?


    ** ZWikiWeb? is back online. My apologies to all zwikiweb visitors that this took so long, and thanks to all who reported the problems.

    There was some problem preventing edits during december. I was travelling and unable to get to it until january first. At that time I packed the database, assuming it was another disk-quota issue. Soon afterwards I noticed that almost all zwikipages had become empty folders and their content had been blown away. Thank you CodeIt? for having a more recent backup than mine.

    Everything should now be working normally. The cause of these problems is unclear to me; I have no reason to suspect a problem with Zwiki.. but from monday I will be back online and watching the site like a hawk. --[Simon]?

    There was a bug in Zope's packing code that caused problems in certain cases involving undo and versions. This problem was fixed in Zope 2.1.3 (although someone claims that they are still having troubles). --JimFulton

    (StructuredText issue moved there)

    ** moved my domain to this zope server - ZWikiWeb?'s address is now --[Simon]?