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added width:100% style attribute to the edit & comment text areas. Works well in konqueror, seems harmless in netscape, untested in IE. Please let me know of any problems.


[deeknow]? writes: deeknow: what is even cooler is being able to write to a wiki page from irc ;p
..and I'm all ears.. I have been experimenting with web-chat lately --SM


did a 14-day pack since I felt near to disk quota problems. Kind of a shame to lose all that edit history though.

did I mention the recent ZopeProductMakefile? updates ? This is the zwiki makefile which contains some recipes you might find useful if you're maintaining a zope product. It now automates uploading and announcing a release on (using curl).

people have occasionally reported a file type problem when downloading releases from, but I could never reproduce it on my system. Finally while testing the above I noticed that most of the zwiki releases had content type "application/x-tar". Changed all to "application/x-tgz".


more ToDo? updates

documented some current BigThemesForZwiki?


AlastairBurt's zwiki-mode-plus.el :
" - It offers to create new ZWiki pages if they do not already exist. It does this via xmlrpc. - It does not lose undo information when a page is save"
Looking forward to checking out this and the others.

ZWikiTodo updates

A thread about ZPL/GPL compatiblity + zwiki distribution issues on the ZopeDevList?


I needed something to help me scan the last month or so of recent changes. Try adding /diff to any page url for a quick diff with the last revision. Added these links on RecentChanges?. It's a tweaked version of zope's history diff, which is based on Tim Peters' ndiff. I'm looking for more diff tools with prettier output.

My new favourite browser, the superb Konqueror, helped out here - go fullscreen, split the browser window into linked panes, click on the diff links in one, view changes in the other.

EmacsAndWiki: I am using my own wiki-remote.el code, now. It seems to work for both Usemod and Zwiki engines, and it has a framework for adding more wiki engines easily (?). --MeatBall:AlexSchroeder.

Oh! and look at his EmacsWiki - nice one Alex!



incorporated wikilink inhibiting (within pre, code, '', ::, and html tags) from WikiForNow. John Hunter contributed a similar patch today.. but Ken's has thunks. :)

And there was much rejoicing!


You know, to get zwiki development motoring again (my part of it) and to prepare for integration work, I thought "ok the current code (0.8.1) mostly works well, just fix the roughest edges, apply some polish and do a quick stable release, then we can get down to some serious hacking."

Of course polishing the few rough edges has become a strangely unending task. This is not too surprising, but it's aggravated by time-intensive things like zwikiwebs & documentation updates, support, site maintenance, etc and the reality of how much free time I can spare.

Bah. For me, this has become a problem; I am not satisfied. I need more coding time to stay energised. I have too many ideas starved for resources. I'm inspired by good work all around but unable to keep up with discussions. I think the need for better tools is great and I think zwiki should be evolving a lot faster.

Two solutions come to mind - I need to get some funding specifically for zwiki development, and I need more bodies- er, I'd like to find ways to better harness our collective creative energy. HowToHelpZwiki? is a step towards both of these - please respond if you have ideas. Thanks! --Simon

fixed some permissions problems with restoring from history etc (how they do creep in)


working through various problems, zwikiwebs updates, cleanups

playing around with frontpage - added a sidebar for free-for-all MiscNews?, made sidebars disappear if empty

There is a ZopeOrgCollaborationEnhancement? project:
"Basic Wiki editing functionality inside the CMF works. chrism is working towards ridding WikiForNow of special regulation objects in favor of data structures based on the straight Zope security model (currently ZWiki's guts are on the floor). Once this is finished, CMFWiki will be able to make general use of WikiForNow. After this, a migration script must be written to move Wiki content over to CMFWiki instances." .
Very interesting.

See also Using Wikis in CMF Sites on the CMFDogbowl?


Excellent: Free Software Leaders Stand Together

bah! Why is there a [zwikidir/releases/ZWiki-0.9.3.tgz]? ? Thought I was still working on that.

It should work well, I'm just a little too tied up to check at the moment.


Oh my god. Emergent link syntax spotted on PeterMerel's GreenCheese?. Does that work ??!! :)

Eg, []


touched all pages to fix RecentChanges?

implemented append permission

fixed a small problem with antidecapitationkludge


From SlashDot: Beating the Averages - how lisp enabled yahoo store developers to kick butt. Excellent article! I suppose this means one can't stop at smalltalk ? >:/

decided to compensate for some long-standing structured text bugs. Well, that was easy! Also adopted a hopefully smarter edit conflict policy. Read all about it in ChangeLog? & cvs

Ohhhhhh this is so much better, why didn't someone do this a long time ago :-)

Lots of bogus updates in RecentChanges? today and continuing, as viewed pages auto-convert to the new last_editor properties. This process now logs itself as UpGrade? to avoid confusion. Probably someone should write a loop to touch all pages.

no responses re VirtualHostingSummary here or on the zope list so I am assuming this is no longer a problem or a 1.0 showstopper.


some 0.9.2 bugs discussed on InstallationProblems


[zwikidir/releases/ZWiki-0.9.2.tgz]? released (ChangeLog?)

I'm seeking feedback on VirtualHostingSummary. The above release has the latest wiki_*_url methods and all the older variants, for testing purposes. If you can reproduce any kind of broken url problems with 0.9.2, I'd really like to hear about it.

rewrote the sample wiki unit test


tests & documentation updated (TestsPy?)


ZWikiWebs? maintenance updates; you can get the latest via the Export button

Trying to reduce the number of default pages, I will probably replace HelpPage with SingleHelpPage? and inline the option descriptions on UserOptions?. Any comments ?

A major ZwikiProblems cleanup.

excellent - you can update AnnoyingQuote by appending a comment

another lightweight release: 0.9.1, with bugfixes and some interesting enhancements to the [] link syntax. See ChangeLog? & examples below


updated todos, sourceforge, cvs, & did a lightweight 0.9.0 release which just packages the last two month's tweaks.

"lightweight" at this moment means "not dealing with upload/catalog/announcement". Offers of help or good automation solutions gladly received.

there will be several more 0.9.x releases with the goal of releasing a solid and usable version 1.0.


There is simple email notification in the latest code, too. This is coming from work sponsored by WaltLudwick (thanks Walter!). I'm not done with it yet, but if you need this look at append() in ZWikiPagePy?.

I'm starting to use folder properties for some things like wiki title, email from address, etc.


HowToCreateZwikiPagesWithPut, from the list

Notice how clean and fast that wiki is ? Compare with We are running on less hardware & without zeo, but have our pages become bloated ? oho, disabled SisterSites and now we are flying. This should come back, but as a user option and using metawiki's fast index format

uploaded my latest working version with some header tweaks intended to reduce clutter & make the title stand out more. Long titles still run off the side of the screen and the font sizes may not work for everyone. Comments ?

I've pondered making the page title link consistent & backlinks link explicit as Ken does, but darn it I like the old arrangement better.

parented most things under FrontPage to see how that looks.

simplified backlinks page

thanks to some client work we now have an append method & I'm finding a small comments form in the footer quite useful. (more page bloat). Comments ?

Ooh - this has some other bugfixes that are coming back to me, aimed at eradicating broken links. You'll notice all links to wiki pages are now absolute! This seems drastic but it took care of the problem. I'd like some feedback on this, especially if it causes difficulty.

when stamping the last-editor, we now prefer an authenticated username over the zwiki_username cookie. If your wiki is eg inside a CMF portal, you can drop the UserName? option. It's convenient for RecentChanges? if the authenticated user names are WikiName(s).

borrowed some more layout ideas from the wikis. I like having both the toc and the recent edit info immediately visible. Moved bookmarks down below.

NB I did a 30-day pack recently for disk space reasons, chopping off some page history. I think DC preserve all their history by keeping wiki pages in a separate mounted zodb.


Very nice. This kind of thinking motivates Joyful Systems also.


Hello zwiki folk. Sorry I haven't been around here much lately, will catch up with all your comments at some point.


permitted page type changes again on this site. If there was some pressing reason not to do this, I've forgotten it.. though I think we should break page behavior consistency only as a last resort.


this site is now running zope 2.3

excellent interview at slashdot: Clay Shirky Explains Internet Evolution


xmlrpclib is cool.

Slashdot: AngryDenial!


First morning back in LA after a couple of months in Ireland, I realized Guido was about to give his keynote and hightailed it down to Long Beach. Two days of wandering around like a zombie, soaking up information and the experience of being among large numbers of fellow hackers. That was fun! I enjoyed meeting quite a few of you and seeing the faces of still more.

Apologies to the lovely woman I didn't strike up a conversation with. I was fatigued. You probably breathed a huge sigh of relief :)

The conference inspired and also reminded that at present I am quite far from the level of creative output and involvement in various projects that I would like. Well, all in due course.

It's clear that I need to find a way to get paid for the "interesting" work. Happily my consulting business is moving in a good direction (more zwiki-related work).

I'm also newly entranced with SqueakSmalltalk?. Yes, it was in the back of my mind even at the python conference. The snake and the mouse.. in fact, now that I think of it I talked about it with ESR, just before spurning his book. I feel like a sinner.

ESR! Guido! amk! Jim Fulton and the crack DC troops! All the zopistas! That was cool.

I'm out of time for today, but I have a whiteboard full of notes and ideas to go on ZwikiOneDesign?. Trying to review what we've got in terms of OO design. After the recent smalltalk immersion I think I'm finally starting to think in objects.


Back in the US! Python9 is on!

Yesterday was very interesting, despite some serious jetlag. I'll be at the conference again today and I'd love to chat with fellow zwiki hackers & users. If you're there and want to find me, leave a note on the message board. Low tech.

zopeNewbies has more.

SqueakSmalltalk? is a dangerous drug.

I would like to see a zope object browser that works like this.


new ZWikiWebs? dev. process


an experiment: SisterSites

IdleIde?, OoBrowser?


This server's clock was one hour fast, now corrected.

Deleted many test pages (RecycleBin?)

Yes! With the help of [deltab]? and CodeIt?, I have set up virtual hosting and done away with the redirect that was happening for urls. This should make the latter speedy and get rid of the's in recentchanges. It may take a day to propagate. Please let me know if you see any related problems.

Added other engines to SearchPage?


Not much time for zwiki in the last month

I've had to restrict reparenting to keep the robots out; see ReParent? for details.


GooGle? & UseNet?

MetaWiki does a trans-wiki title search excellent!


My current thinking is that right here at the bottom of FrontPage is a good default for responding to the news above, and indeed for any comments when in doubt about where they should go..

made FrontPage the site default again

ZWikiTodo updates:
*To vote for (or express interest in) an item, add your name (and optionally move the item higher). This will help steer developer priorities. Names in bold after an item indicate people currently working on it. If you see something you want to work on, please jump in!*

misc UserOptions? and cookie tweaks; added an advanced edit form option

enabled file upload on this site! See AdvancedEditOptions? for some more details.

after a long absence, brought back the page type control (in the advanced edit form). It won't appear unless you have "Change ZWiki TestPage Types" permission - on this site, edit TestPage to see it.

More about permissions: NB this is a new permission which firms up the zwiki security picture by allowing you to really enforce no DTML. Previously edit permission implied permission to change a page's type. Other new permissions are "Reparent ZWiki Pages" and "Append to ZWiki Pages".


on KenManheimer:
hey, here's something which I feel is worth asking - what are the chances of you & DC ever merging the plethora of wikis into a single giant zope wiki ? When I cross my eyes and don't think about it too hard, this seems like it could work better. --SM

Ken has posted some info about his very cool RegulatingYourPages work.

Building-on-the-work-of-others dept: ZopeLists? has a compact search interface for the zope lists. Also made things like ZopeDevList:2000-October/007649.html and ZopeDevListSearch:get_transaction work.


I got interviewed by Giles Turnbull for; see Making the best of a wiki (origins of zwiki, the vandalism issue, prognostications). Thanks Giles!

KenManheimer has released his WikiForNow code and installed it across Lots of juicy code to assimilate. Thanks Ken!

I'm thinking about steering the current feature set towards "1.0 stable" and rolling the next wave of enhancements into "1.1.x" or "2.0.x". Comments ?


SiteStats: A zwikiweb turns out to be a trap for web crawlers - they get in but they can't get out ... In december 2000 ... max hit rate of 37000/hr (~10/s)! Happily we didn't notice!


I've gone wild with reparent. Absolutely wild. Deleted a bunch of pages too. I see Klaus helped, thanks. Check out contents, we don't want to be a slave to hierarchy but I think that view is pretty useful now.

I tweaked the backlinks page to make reparenting quicker.

In cvs, though not quite running here - new permissions, and a file/image upload feature that I like, based on code from WikiForNow. was down for a couple of hours yesterday.


ZWikiTodo cleanup


I had a great new year. Hope you did too.

updated cvs and released ZWiki-0.8.1 (ChangeLog?) was down due to quota issues

this server's clock has been corrected