My approximate ZWiki work priorities, last updated 2004/03. All help is welcome and will make things happen faster:

billable work
keep knocking down wiki outline/plone 2/zope 2.7/python 2.3 issues
be ready to go with plone 2
i18n, coordination
ZwikiDocsProject, WikiCleanup
develop sponsorship/bounties
try some skin cleanups
keep testing/optimizing outline handling & conflicts
catalog optimizations
update Add Zwiki Web form, document/support entire installation/setup process
find ways to simplify, reduce, modularize, test
start functional test suite
start live test suite
set up easy code<->test navigation in emacs, 1-1 correspondence ?
get test coverage measurements
get zope3/2.7's, phlip's, fit testrunners working
big bug squash, cleanup
release 1.0