20020923: I renamed this page from ZopeTopics?, and all it's links too. Might be a bit confusing. This feature needs attention. See also WardsWiki:SisterSites.

An experimental feature on this site. If pages of the same name exist on any of the sites indexed by MetaWiki, links will appear at the bottom of the page.

This is based on a local copy of MetaWiki's page index, so as not to hammer Sunir's site. It was last updated 20000223. ideally it would be mirrored nightly. Indexed sites include: ALife? AdvogatoProject AndStuffWiki? FoxForumWiki? MeatballWiki? MoinMoin OrgPatterns? SeattleWireless TWiki WikiWiki WikiPedia ZWiki

At the moment it is about 650K in size, and it is queried on each page view using QueryCsv? (seealso/view_source). I don't know how practical this is in general. Here and now, it doesn't seem to be causing too much slowdown. But in order to scale - could we do something clever with the new zope caching tools ?

Doh! I just realized those WikiWiki:SisterSites icons are exactly this. If I understand it correctly, wikiwikiweb will also link WikiName's which exist on sister sites but not locally. We don't do this.

AndStuffWiki? seems to be doing something similar. Jayzuz me brilliant hack is as common as dirt..

Better names for this feature/page ? (sister sites, sister pages..)

Now for us zopistas, to get a few (all ?!) of the zope.org wikis into metawiki would be handy..

If it makes you feel any better, Ward's talk at O'Reilly p2p was about WikiWiki:SisterSites . Oh wait, that would probably make you feel ''worse.'' ;) Nonetheless, SisterSites is cool. And I appreciate that you aren't asking the search engine every four seconds what it knows! Nonetheless, some bandwidth optimizations need to be made. By the way, put a list of sites you want indexed on MeatballWiki:MetaWiki and I'll put them in. --SunirShah

I've upgraded the search engine. As a bonus, you can now search for all of ZWiki's pages all at once. This is ridiculously fast. See MeatballWiki:MetaWiki for the instructions. --SunirShah


Simon, would you mind emailing me at sunir@sunir.org the entries for the zope.org ZWikis? you want to index in the format shown in http://sunir.org/src/meatball/IndexingSchemes/metaparse.pl ? e.g.

        ZWiki,                                               # InterWiki name
        http://www.zwiki.org/,                               # Base URL
        http://www.zwiki.org/SearchPage?expr=&noheaders=1,   # Index source

By the way, you have a rendering bug with PRE tag interaction with bracketed URLs?. See the page source and the page output.


So, what happened to this?

Hi Sunir!

I think you expected pre to disable []'s linking role ? I think we'll have that post-1.0.

Haven't had time to dig out the zope wikis or set up metawiki mirroring yet. I disabled SisterSites temporarily for a speed increase - oho, disabled SisterSites and now we are flying. This should come back, but as a user option and using metawiki's fast index format --SM

I upgraded MetaWiki recently in a number of ways; see the MeatballWiki? page for more. If you want to see the output for ZWiki of the match as of 11 February 2002, see http://sunir.org/meatball/MetaWiki/zwiki.txt . Is it worth it for you? Maybe. The new version of the MeatballWiki? script just as a link called "Search MetaWiki" that search for the current page title. It's a cheap solution to the problem. --SunirShah


which ones to list? --BillSeitz, Mon, 17 Nov 2003 08:13:48 -0800 reply
Does it make sense to show links to every (matching-node) site in Sunir's listing? I think the list of sites to treat as sisters should be set on a per wiki/folder basis...

Performance --BillSeitz, Mon, 17 Nov 2003 08:18:20 -0800 reply
No matter how fast Sunir's index is, you don't want to have to hit it for every zwiki pageview. So you still need a mechanism to grab (daily?) a list of matches to store locally. You could (a) parse it at the time of grabbing and store each page's list of sisters in a property per page, or (b) just store the whole thing as a big local dictionary and query it for each pageview (I'm still enough of a zope newbie that I don't know how to store a python dictionary as an object in the zodb).

Having been a SisterSite? of Ward's for a long time ... --PeterMerel, Tue, 18 Apr 2006 23:00:41 -0700 reply
I feel I should reciprocate. Also I want to SisterSite? WikiPedia. No, I'm not kidding. I'll just AJAX back to my server with a request to go find the SisterSites and toss back links. Better still to proxy their contents and present same in a tabbed box a la http://www.havocstudios/com/articles/ajax/ajax_tabs ... though there must be some kinda zopey ajax lib now ... no?