Mockup for a functional test suite for imeme/zope/zwiki sites:

 Server tests:                       
 server is responding                      OK
 apache is responding                      OK
 zope is responding                        OK
 apache -> zope proxy is working           OK
 zwiki product is initializing ok          OK

 Site rendering tests:  
 as Anonymous:
 home page is displaying                   OK
 recentchanges                             OK
 issuetracker                              OK

 url search                                OK
 wiki search                               OK
 tracker search                            OK

 edit to testpage                          OK 
 web comment to generaldiscussion          OK
 mailout sent                              OK
 mailin to testpage                        OK
 mailout sent                              OK
 page created/renamed/deleted/mailout sent OK
 issue created                             OK
 issue properties changed                  OK

 /subwiki, /cmf, /plone tests

for the record --Simon Michael, 2003/02/20 21:31 GMT

> I'm having some success with building automated site tests just using
> pyunit and curl, and have started a suite for
> Many people call these functional tests, but my understanding is
> functional/structural refers to the style of testing, orthogonal to the
> scope of the tests (unit/integration/system). These tests are really
> system tests and/or unit tests with larger units. Also, they are intended
> to test a live system; I'm not sure of the terminology for that. I found
> a paper clarifying this at the back of
> How To Break Software
> (if someone finds it online let me know).
> One insight for me is that to test a complex application, you have to
> make it testable, and that means looking at the system as a whole and
> being willing to make whatever changes are necessary, including zope,
> mailman, python etc. So far I've made small changes in zwiki and mailman
> to support these and allow them to be run at any time without disturbing
> users. Mailman's test code was very helpful here.
> How this might tie in to the ZwikiAndFit, we'll find out later.
> --
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