With my Zwiki 6.1 distribution, Netscape 4.7 cannot view pages with spaces in the links. IE is fine. And Apparently, this Zwiki can view pages with spaces too...

What's up?

You know what I'm going to say.. try the latest version - does the problem go away ? EndOfStory?. :)

Sadly, I've been using ZwikiWithFrames modifications which is tied to an earlier Zwiki distributions. I like the rename/delete pages options (and don't have to worry about anonymous viewers) so until I have the ability to do that with the main Zwiki branch, I guess I'm stuck.

Ok - this is probably a single extra call to a url-quoting function somewhere, probably in ZWikiPage.py, you might find it by browsing the cvs history. Or, the current release supports page deletion; WikiForNow supports renaming as well. --SM