(10:26:57) sm: it's got the following sections:
(10:27:10) sm: general
(10:27:10) sm: getting started
(10:27:10) sm: editing
(10:27:10) sm: mail subscription
(10:27:45) sm: issue tracking
(10:27:45) sm: cmf and plone
(10:27:45) sm: other usage questions
(10:27:45) sm: dtml scripting
(10:27:45) sm: customization
(10:27:45) sm: administration
(10:27:52) sm: zwiki.org
(10:27:52) sm: rants
(10:29:02) sm: it's a long page, quickest to edit with a good external editor
(10:29:15) sm: it's the beginning of zwiki documentation
(10:29:21) sm: (at the moment)
(10:31:10) sm: there is a lot of overlap with other docs
(10:31:40) sm: many of the questions are not/no longer frequent
(10:31:51) sm: very few have been added in the last couple of years
(10:33:35) sm: what else can we say about it..
(10:33:56) sm: it's rated "good" from 2 votes