Structured Text is a simple plain text markup format used by ZoPe and ZWiki. It's similar in effect to WikiWikiWebMarkup but is more intuitive and standardized. The idea is to have text that is easy to read both in source and rendered form.

Zwiki supports other TextFormattingRules, Structured Text was for a long time the default for these reasons: it was the first in zope, it's a standard, it's simple, it's forgiving, and it allows embedded HTML and DTML. Nowadays it has been superseded by RestructuredText as the default page type in Zwiki.

Problems with Structured Text:

There are some unsolved problems with STX, for example with international (non-ASCII) characters (check the issue tracker in the category user-editing-stx for more). Due to the age and complexity of the Structured Text code, and due to Zwiki having moved on to RestructuredText as the recommended and default page format, don't expect these things to get fixed any time soon.

Quick start

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Zwiki adds linking and some fixes to standard STX.

  1. don't bother trying to learn all the text formatting rules and their interactions. Mimic the text around you; when STX doesn't do what you want, tweak it until it looks right. Note STX usually does not support non-latin characters. Go to the `docs `_ or `ask for help `_ when you get really stuck or curious.
  2. text emphasis:
  3. linking (see link types above):
           [bracketed free-form name]
           <a href="http://some/where">html link</a>
           "Structured Text link":http://some/where
           [1] (structured text footnote)
  4. separate paragraphs with blank lines
  5. a one-line paragraph becomes a heading when followed by a more-indented paragraph (all indented, or just the first line). A more-indented heading becomes a subheading.
  6. a paragraph beginning with - or * or a number followed by a space makes a bullet or numbered list item. A more-indented list item starts a sub-list.
  7. HTML tags may be used if necessary; on sites which permit it, DTML (server-side code) may also be used
  8. to quote text, avoiding all the above: indent it after a paragraph ending with a double colon:
           parent paragraph::
             This is the only reliable way to quote WikiLinks, <HTML tags> and &dtml-code;
             or preserve fixed-width formatting. Use this eg when posting zope tracebacks.

Other documentation

See also

RestructuredText is a newer, more formalized alternative with its own advantages and disadvantages.


StructuredTextUnicodePatch - STX supports only ascii chacters out of the box - BobMcElrath has worked on improving STX for Zwiki

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