This page is about using style sheets (CSS) with Zwiki. These docs need updating. See also StyleSheetsDiscussion.

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CSS classes and ids

Here's a working list of existing and proposed Cascading Style Sheet classes for Zwiki.

The default skin, probably, since zwiki_plone conforms to Plone.


new -- Create a page: This is the hyperlink to create a new Wiki Page.

shade1 -- Border background: header color for shading on background of header, footer

shade2 -- Text Input background :header color shading for background of input portions of a page (Search, Comment)

Awaiting Name

Note: These are not Existing until they are Implemented.

tbd -- WikiLink: ??

tbd -- RemoteWikiLink? -- ??

tbd -- Parent Page indicator -- (the ../ that precedes a wiki link that exists in a parent page)

tbd -- StructuredText Link: ??

tbd -- URI Recognition: ??

tbd -- Purple number links: ??

Wish List

Comment headers, and elements ??

Header items: Hierarchy, Quote, ??