Subwiki has two different understandings:

Zwiki: A Zwiki folder instance located within an existing Zwiki folder.

Most non-Zwiki's: A page which is "nested" under a current page. The page name is preceded with a "/", and referenced as ParentPage/SubPage.

A general definition is "A SubWiki is a (almost) complete wikiweb in a wikiweb."

When dealing with SubWiki-s the following questions arise: How to achieve distinct WikiNamespaces in wikis, handle SubWiki(s) (creation, deletion), moving pages from or to SubWiki-s, WikiAcquisition and more.

(Not to be confused with the SubWiki wiki which is a wiki using a SubVersion? data store. )

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Pages seperated by / are not treated specially here: ZWiki/Sandbox. Not even in a FreeformLink: [ZWiki/SandBox]?

The start: Create a SubWiki resp. a SubFolder? of WikiPages?

From WikiAcquisition: define a subfolder within your wiki folder and start a sub-wiki there. - OpenQuestion?: Is this the only way to do it? - This is number 2 below, right?

How to setup a SubWiki:

  1. Create a new (sub) Zwiki in an existing one (parent).
  2. Add a page describing the new one in the parent wiki, including a RemoteWikiLink? for namespace referencing.
  3. Use the ZMI to move any necessary pages from the parent to sub wiki. (Necessary when moving a large topic into a SubWiki)
  4. Update all SubTopics? and BackLinks.
  5. Clear and re-find all the Zwiki Pages in the subwiki's Catalog

SubWiki use cases

Using simple folders

- Way(3) from above

If you plan to use folders in your Zwiki, there are a few extra steps you'll need to take care of.

  1. After creating each folder or sub-folder, copy the SearchPage? into it, otherwise page creation inside the folder won't work properly

    For example: (this exists by default) (you need to manually copy SearchPage to here) (you need to manually copy SearchPage to here) (you need to manually copy SearchPage to here)

  2. If you don't want to inherit the standard_wiki_header and standard_wiki_footer files from a parent folder (and thereby retain the look of the page above), you'll need to add versions of them specific to each folder or sub-folder

    For example:


When referencing a page in the parent wiki from a subwiki you must use the canonical wiki name (or pageId) If the id is not CamelCase, you'll need to surround it in brackets. This is bug #??? ToDo?: Add or reference IssueTracker

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Moving and copying pages from and to SubWikis?

Currently (0.13) this has to be done by CutAndPaste? or via the ZMI. It is a wishlist feature to have an additional footer to manage PageMigration? (PagePromotion?). See also the comments on SubWikiDiscussion: DeanGoodmanson, 2002/12/13 17:03 GMT (via web); FlorianKonnertz, 2002/12/16 11:31 GMT (via web)

ZwikiIssueTracker usage

Nesting ZwikiIssueTracker's may not be a good idea, due to Issue numbering schemes. It stills needs to be tested.

You cannot copy the IssueTracker and FilterIssue? page to a SubWiki: The former needs the ZCatalog and the latter shows the issues of the ParentWiki.

Solution (?): Install a ZCatalog first

ZCatalog usage

StandardPages? usage

Acquisition of StandardPages? is recommended. Currently see howto in DTMLCookbook.


General questions /ideas

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