A few examples how SubWiki-s can be used.

o SubWikiExampleOne: Use a single multi-level wiki to provide simple tools to allow user-developers to have a simple tool to create their website, and optionally allow some or all visitors to add to or comment on the pages. (...)

o SubWikiExampleTwo: MultiUserWikiManagement? - A main PublicWiki? where interested users may start their own subwikis to enjoy a seperated namespace but can easily refer(link) from the subwiki to the parent wiki and vice versa. ( my interest --FloK)

o SubWikiExampleThree?: ProjectManagement? - Several projects maintain there distinct topic sites but need also a pool of shared pages (inheritated, administrative) pages (ie.HelpPage etc.) and pages for other shared (sub-)resources ie. hardware. (as in FolderishZwiki)

  • Combo of (2) and (3): Using wikiwebs for project documentation lead to the idea of integrating all project wikis in a superwiki, which some time might turn out to be a kind of wikistyle intranet with personal wikis for the employees. [by BeWo (?)]?