TWiki has some nice features.

More recent changes as of Jan 2002 include plugin API (with plugins for adding comments a la ZWiki, as well as calendars, voting, action tracking, table sorting, etc.), skins/templates, InterWiki, form-based applications (add something like a database record to a TWiki page, e.g. for bug tracking and classification), and support for newsfeeds of recent changes (see MeatBall:RichSiteSummary).

An example site: TWiki:WebHome


--- Hosted at SourceForge? - I've updated the RemoteWikiURL above since is the main domain name.

Also, it's worth noting that doing InterWiki into TWiki is often done by specifying the web name on the right hand side of the :, e.g. TWiki:Main/WebHome (won't work from ZWiki) is how people refer to from other TWiki sites. Some of the TWiki links above are to pages that have since moved to a new web called TWiki, to simplify upgrades.

See also (Codev is the main development web).

Jan 02 UnixReview? review of TWiki : with no mention of ZWiki :-(


converting Zwiki to TWiki, other things --simon, Wed, 08 Aug 2007 09:50:31 -0700 reply describes a procedure for exporting Zwiki pages as files.