not realising what he was about to do, on a fatal nite almost a year ago, [deltab]? gave me the link to something interesting... a link to the wikiwikiweb.

little did he realise that within an hour, i would have been hooked to the wiki way of life, and would begin altering our internal systems to suit this amazing concept.

the strange thing about wiki obsession is the force with which it affects you. within a week of discovering the wiki, we had started overhauling [esp]?'s (the company i work for) extranet system, and two weeks later, all of our websites were being changed over to a wiki back-end.

during that particular month, i must have tried out every major flavour of wiki out there, and as fate would have it, i had to wait till the very end (i was working through it alphabetically) to taste the very best. if the concept of wikis was something totally fascinating, then discovering zwiki, and as a result zope, was like opening the door to a whole new realm altogether.

out went trusted apache and php based extranet, and in came a zwiki/zope based xnet. at that time, it caused a furor in [esp]?, but looking back at it, i am glad that we made the switch to the zwiki based system. not only is it more dynamic than it will have ever been with the old system, but with wiki essence at the heart of it, it is more functional.

though, i have been accused of being over zealous with the use of wikis, i believe that is the great thing about zwiki, it is so damned flexible! read [how esp uses zwiki]? to find out about just a handful of ways that we are utilizing wikis - once again, this is the greatest thing about zwiki! every week one can think of new ways in which it can be applied to make somthing easier or function better.

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FlorianKonnertz, 2002/09/20 16:06 GMT (via web):
Hi tav! - Thanks for the funny story above :) - That's WikiWeird?, isn't it!? - Are u alive? I hope so, i like to know more about your work you mentioned on AcquisitionAndNamespaces? - FloK

Thanks for your answer recently! --FlorianKonnertz, 2003/02/15 13:23 GMT
Thanks for your answer recently! :-) I haven't had time yet to check your page and work. I'll report soon hopefully. Cheers, FloK