The original culprit

In ReST the (at) in an email address gets escaped as a character entity. This results in @ which should not be recognised as a issue page. (my issue tracker does not have 64 issues yet, but I found it via the '/links' that zwiki reported for that page)

Let's test it directly: @ (This should be marked as a issue reference, there is no requirement for the hashnumbers to be preceded by whitespace or anything else in particular; word boundaries - as for wikilinks - will probably not work as the # itself is a non alphanumeric character)

And now it's... the email variant: (this is bad, as it breaks the mailto: markup of rest, and ironically the issue linked to is about mailing issues ;-)

other ideas

What about hash-characters in weblinks: (This should be caught by the check for wikilinks in anchor tags, or not?)


  • awordfollowedby#101
  • anonalphacharlike-#101
  • anampersand&#101
  • #101characters afterwards
  • #101-nonalpha afterwards
  • #101;semicolon afterwards

wikinames and entitiy refs

the last one is not sensible I think (I would actually vote for wikilinks that can contain numbers and do not have to end in them), and the second but last one is ok, although there is a regexp in the source code that seems to be designed to catch it.

The only case that needs to be taken care of, I think, is the wikilink-is-preceded-by-ampersand case (in the prerendered text).