The text formatting rules are reliable, but sometimes they produce results which you don't expect. Usually this is because of

Usually the quick workaround is to rearrange your text slightly to avoid triggering the undesirable rule. For example, break a single-line paragraph into several lines.

Here are some specific frequently-encountered surprises:

WellUnderstoodProblems is a better list right now

You might enclose several paragraphs within html <UL> tags to indent them. They will be rendered without a blank line in between. Use <BLOCKQUOTE> instead.


<LI>'s break paragraph separation related to the above

You might use <LI> to get the effect of a bulleted list without blank lines between the items. Subsequent paragraphs will not be separated by a blank line. To fix this, insert a </UL> after the list items.

DeanGoodmanson, 2002/04/29 18:10 GMT (via web):
Anything that starts with a number is likely to get reformatted. I'm not sure where the workaround is for this. Here's an example:


ZWiki version: 2.0b1

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2002/06/24 22:12 GMT (via web):
I upgraded from an older version of zwiki recently (was like 0.6.4,,now at 0.9.9 & it broke a lot of my pages where I'd used < pre > tags to format text as fixed width - the old behavior was that the html tag worked, and WikiWords? were links. The new behavior is that text containted between < pre > tags are non-wikified.

Do I have any options to do fixed-width plain text that has wiki formatting?

2002/06/29 17:32 GMT (via web):
For the pre tag problem, try to close the tag before the link, then re-open the tag.

Two ways to bold:

 <bold>bold text</bold>

 <b>bold text</b>


DeanGoodmanson, 2003/01/09 16:10 GMT (via web):
HTML pre vs STX :: with high ascii The <pre> and structured text quote pre :: formatting yield different results with High Ascii.


 │   └───folder2

StructuredText :

 &#9474;   &#9492;&#9472;&#9472;&#9472;folder2

DeanGoodmanson, 2003/01/09 16:19 GMT (via web):
Now that's annoying....when I edit the section, the <pre> section has been converted to escape codes, which is not how I originally edited it.

Who's munging the data?

我恨啊 :)

Some characters (such as the single quote and the double quote) are hard to have display because they keep on being interpreted. To display one of these characters, you can use a string of the form &#xx; with the xx being from the table below

&#33; = !
&#34; = "
&#35; = #
&#36; = $
&#37; = %
&#38; = &
&#39; = '
&#41; = )
&#42; = *
&#43; = +
&#44; = ,
&#45; = -
&#46; = .
&#47; = /


&amp;40; = &
&lt;40; = < (useful for "escaping" dtml/html examples.)
&gt;40; = >