A.. hard-to-describe mind-mapping linked-node kind of information management tool, that I really liked when I used to run windows. It's a very pretty but also extremely effective way of capturing & browsing notes, documents, hyperlinks etc. and linking them in arbitrary ways, without imposing undesired structure. For me wiki fulfils a similar need, though of course it goes much further by being collaborative and open source.

This wiki's JumpTo? feature is inspired by a similar tool in TheBrain.

The excellent java demo on the website above gives an idea of how it looks and feels. NB notice how it integrates with their website. I've often thought it would make a great navigation interface for a wiki. --SimonMichael

I've used and liked TheBrain too, and for now I decided to go with ZWiki instead - much better product! And to move JumpSearch? closer to TheBrain there is JumpSearchModification?. --EdwardKreis



StarTree visualisation -- 2003/07/19 14:58 GMT reply
The visual interface on TheBrain looks a little like the StarTree diagrams that Inxight Software produce. They are really dynamic. JohnKnutson

The brain is not a tree -- Mon, 19 Sep 2005 14:33:39 -0700 reply
keep in mind that the brain is not limited to a key structure.