This page is to discuss TimeTravel issues in ZwiKi?.

What is TimeTravel ?

Since ZWiki is Zope-based, why not play with the undo and versioning

features to add a TimeTravel ability to WiKi? pages? This could server both as a way to undo in case of sporadic vandalism or, more interesting, to add the time dimension to a page! TimeTravel goes beyond a 'history' mechanism because it is fun, you can set a 'initial date' and a 'refresh rate in seconds' than the whole dynamism of that page would be displayed <i> in motion</i> before your eyes. You could select 'past-present' , 'present-past' or 'random' for the slide show direction. I think this is very WikiNature?!

How about incorporating a concept of utilizing SubVersion? + ZWiki = SubZwiki (to compete against a similar Wiki idea at SubWiki).